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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawman, Feb 18, 2001.

  1. lawman

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    What is the cost of the mowers and decks. Are they worth the extra money or is it better to stay with my Ex-Marks?
  2. Turfclippings

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    i have 98 Walker with the grass handling system. (48 inch catcher deck) along with a 54 side discharge deck. I think back then they were in the range of 10,500$. The separate decks are around 1500-1800 each. and the machine is around 8500. I run my Walker on residential yards, they cut about 6mph and i run a Dixie on commercial bigger lots. The Walker is great for leaf pickup and cleanups. It stripes great. I have one customer that will not let me use anything but the Walker on his yard. So basically it depends on what kind of productivity your looking for? i also have a mill creek aerator for the Walker, that is nice for big yards.
  3. captdevo

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    These are list prices in Iowa FYI, you would have to check with your local dealer for his price.


    MCSD42 16HP 42"SD $8,503.00
    MCSD48 16HP 48"SD $8,583.00
    MCSD52 16HP 52"SD $9,471.00
    MCSD54TU 16HP 54" TILT $8,833.00
    MCGHS42 16HP 42"GHS $9,342.00
    MCGHS48 16HP 48"GHS $9,421.00

    MT20SD42 20HP 42"SD $9,546.00
    MT20SD48 20HP 48"SD $9,626.00
    MT20SD52 20HP 52"SD $10,514.00
    MT20SD54TU 20HP 54"TILT $9,876.00
    MT20SD62 20HP 62"SD $10,667.00
    MT20GHS42 20HP 42"GHS $10,423.00
    MT20GHS48 20HP 48"GHS $10,502.00

    MT25SD42 25HP 42"SD $10,119.00
    MT25SD48 25HP 48"SD $10,199.00
    MT25SD52 25HP 52"SD $11,087.00
    MT25SD54TU 25HP 54"TILT $10,449.00
    MT25SD62 25HP 62"SD $11,240.00
    MT25GHS42 25HP 42"GHS $10,996.00
    MT25GHS48 25HP 48"GHS $11,075.00

    MT26SD42 26HP 42"SD $10,489.00
    MT26SD48 26HP 48"SD $10,569.00
    MT26SD52 26HP 52"SD $11,457.00
    MT26SD54 26HP 54"SD $10,819.00
    MT26SD62 26HP 62"SD $11,610.00
    MT26GHS42 26HP 42"GHS $11,271.00
    MT26GHS48 26HP 48"GHS $11,350.00

    MDDSD42 20.9HP DIESEL $12,837.00
    MDDSD48 20.9HP DIESEL $12,917.00
    MDDSD52 20.9HP DIESEL $13,805.00
    MDDSD54TU 20.9HP DIESEL $13,167.00
    MDDSD62 20.9HP DIESEL $13,958.00
    MDDGHS42 20.9HP DIESEL $13,723.00
    MDDGHS48 20.9HP DIESEL $13,802.00

    MDGSD42 24HP GAS $12,355.00
    MDGSD48 24HP GAS $12,435.00
    MDGSD52 24HP GAS $13,323.00
    MDGSD54TU 24HP GAS $12,685.00
    MDGSD62 24HP GAS $13,476.00
    MDGGHS42 24HP GAS $13,097.00
    MDGGHS48 24HP GAS $13,176.00

    BUSHMASTER LawnSite Senior Member
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    You can purchase a blank deck for bout $500.00 new,and thier is room for repairs to strech out the deck life.Besides these are two diferent types of mowers both can be rebuilt,both have there place.

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