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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ParksLandscaping, Aug 9, 2001.

  1. ParksLandscaping

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    I have not been on the site since things started picking up in late April. Just too busy. But that is a good thing, and I owe all the glory to all of "lawnsite.com's" fine memebers. But I am wanting to prepare myself for the big fall now. This is where I need the help.

    I remember reading some post on here over the last winter about Walker mowers and I also visited this mans website. This man had a whole fleet of Walker mowers, with a bunch of used ones that he wanted to sell. But thats not the point. In Michigan they are a rare comodity. There is one dealer in the whole state that I know of. But I thought that it would be of better nature for me to buy a used one first, before I purchase a whole fleet.

    Also, from what everone tells me, a walker mower cuts out at least two men on fall clean-ups. Is that the truth? We have already booked over 300 for this fall. That would definately increase the bottom line. Thanks again for all of the help.

    PS Those letters are great, that are for sale in the "lawnsite.com" store. I am going to be putting some of them to work here soon.

    David A. Parks

  2. vipermanz

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    Walkers are Terrific vacuum machines, they really pride themselves on that feature,The only problems are speed(5mph) and price($$$).

    I thought about looking towards a 36" model S for my few yards
    Anybody Know the base Price???????:)
  3. Indiana

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    I have been running Walkers for about five or six years. I love them, the way they stripe, cut grass, and PICK UP LEAVES.

    Look at the overall picture and speed is not such a big deal.

    I started out with a used Walker "C". I have looked at new ones but it's just not financially possible with me. I bought a used "T" this spring. Just ran across it and bought it.

    I really believe in Walker, they will truly make clean-ups & mowing feasible if your alone. I work alone 3 days a week, have a great helper they other days. She runs a Walker, blower, whatever.

    My suggestion: Buy a new Walker, (if you can afford it) their warrenty, and service are superior. If you can't buy new, then buy a used one. Look for a 16 hp "C" or 20 hp "T"
  4. MOW ED

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    I have owned a Walker for 4 years now and I am a solo operator with 20 weekly mowing accounts. I used to have a Toro garden tractor when I started out and traded it for a Walker. You have to look past the price tag when you buy it as long as it will work for your situation.
    For bagging anything off the ground it cant be beat. We are big on dethatchings up here and I can pay for a Walker in 2 seasons of dethatchings. It is the best machine for leaf pickup that is made. It doesn't go like a Chopper or a Lazer but it isn't made for production mowing. It is a residential and small to medium sized commercial machine to be used where a finished look is desired.

    I can go on and on and but if you need any other info or advise e-mail me.

    BTW if you can afford it go new and get a 26 EFI, it is a GREAT engine for this machine.
  5. vipermanz

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    I don't need a huge machine, (gate size):(
    Can anyone give me a price figure for a new model s 36" ghs deck?????? please!!!!!!!
  6. HacMan91

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    I got a 36" 16hs V twin. I love it, its small enough to get in all the back yards. I bought a lazer a week ago 52". I cut just about everything with it then suck up the few clippings with the walker. Walkers around here go for around 7000, after the season u can pick one up for around 6700 or so. The leave sucking is great u can change the heighth of the deck so the front of the deck is 2" higher than the back so u dont just bull doze the leaves. Walker dominates the market around here [Montgomery area] for bagging mowers. If I had to do it again I would get a 20 Hs with a 42 deck but this one does fine.
  7. CMerLand

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    My suggestion would be to buy the bigger engined (20 hp or 25 hp) machine with the size deck you currently can get the most out of. This way if you should come across bigger accounts in the future you can just purchase a larger deck to handle those bigger properties.
  8. vipermanz

    vipermanz LawnSite Bronze Member
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    i just really need a 36" deck, and the power choice seems adequate, also given their ghs system, it really convinces me to start savin' up!
  9. Grapevine

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    We ran EXmark 48s up until 93 and bought my first Walker, never even considered a walk behind after that. We keep a 36 Exmark on the trailer for a couple of tight gates but we hardly use it. We run 3 Walkers full time now and the production we do can't be compared to Walk behinds, plus after mowing 25-30 lawn a day I could barely walk when I got home. I have a "98" with over 1500 hours on it, I'll put it on the front lawn, sell it in a week and put the money I get for it down on a new one before the Fall. Couldn't run this type of business without them.

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