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    am interested in the walker mower do to the avalibility of using it durring all 4 seasons, i need something that stripes well and sucks up the debris on the lawns.

    Only thing i am hesitaint about is that I hear they dont go fast ,

    can anyone give there experiances with walker good and bad point

  2. 2stroke

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    the speed is just fine. u can buy a new pully too speed it up.
  3. doubleedge

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    I tested out a navigator. The tire in the back messes up stripes, it is kind of annoying to dump if you dont have a dump truck or high sides, it is so long that it can become difficult to manuver in small spaces, somewhat slow, and it is a pita to change the hight are the bad points. Good points are: they can get into back yards with fenses, great for collecting grass, you dont have to worry about checking bags to see if they are full, and they have a fully floating deck.
  4. 2stroke

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    i didnt hear him ask about a Navigator did he?
  5. ATouchofGrass

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    The navigator is basically the same thing. Since Exmark took the same exact design from Walker, and made there own. The Walker personally is the best mower i have yet to use, which is all the big name brands Scag, Exmark, Toro, Bob Cat etc. But they stripe wonderful, give a manacured cut and is decently fast for such a heavy machine. And the FULL floating deck works great for those uneven areas of grass, where most walkbehinds and riders cut it up or cuts too low till its dirt.
  6. Blueribbonlawns

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    They are AWESOME!!!
  7. bigclawn

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    do a search here---there's already a lot of info about these fine machines!
  8. B&B LAWN

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    great mowers! great cut, but not made for cutting high or wet grass
  9. Lawn-Sharks

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    How fast could you possibly want to go on a yard when something is pulling you??
  10. MOW ED

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    The Walker is a very versatile machine. If you want a high quality cut and have to handle clippings and debris get a piece of equipment that is going to last, that is the Walker. I could go on for many paragraphs but I have written all about the Walker here many times. Just go to their website and look around. Then find a dealer or better yet a distributor in your area and demo one. It takes a little learning but you will have a great machine for your business. It can do so much for a guy its up to you to make it what you want. I would suggest the 26EFI from personal experience. I have owned a Walker since 98. My current is a MTGHS 26EFI w 42GHS and 52SD w doubles deck. The machine has almost 1700 hours on it and is running like new. The EFI is as good on gas as a 20HP but the 26 has much more power. You will make up the extra cost thru fuel savings in the long run.
    SO I just added 500 more words to the 500,000 + I have written on the machine over the years. Bottom line is DEMO one and see how it fits to your mowing business. Take care.

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