Walker Mowers?


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Northwest Ohio
Had a walker bought but I guess the guy couldn't wait for me to drive 9 hours to pick it up and he sold it out from under me. He said he would find another like it in a couple days. So in the mean time I used a friends walker on my killer hill proptery and it cut almost as much as I could cut with the lawn tractor. Going up the hills when I was getting close to the top it felt like the mower was breaking in half. Kind of scarey feeling. Going down the tail wheel was about an inch off the ground. After trying out this walker all day on Saturday I'm ready to BUY. Took me awhile to get used to the controls and after that I started enjoying mowing again. Waiting for dealer to find another,I'm all over it, I loved that walker. No more walking, why walk when you can ride. Right????????


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N.E. Wisconsin
Give us a few details about the mower you (were) are getting. Motor? Deck? Extras? New or Used? Mayby we can give you some tips.

gene gls

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mowman;9 hours, is this your closest Walker Dealer? I would recomend to buy from some one closer. My first dealer was 1 1/2 hours away. I was at his shop three times in one week. I was not a happy camper in the beginning.

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