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    Hello there I was just wondering if walker mower parts are interchangeable, I have a 98 diesel and can get a smoking deal on a 94 16 hp gas and was wondering if the drives and pulleys etc would possibly be interchangeable. I know the deck and the catcher etc are but some of the other parts just curious. the 94 has a blown motor?
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    The gas turns one way and the diesel truns the other way. The hydro pumps are switched. The left is on the right and the right is on the left. The PTO box can not be used. The two machine used two differant PTO boxes. The blower will chagne over. You should have no problem with the hopper and the seat. You need to get an IPL from Walker for each machine and then you can look up the parts as you need them. IPLs are on the Walker web site for free down load in PDF.

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