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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kory landscaping, Feb 25, 2004.

  1. kory landscaping

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    Help, Buying a walker mower in march, they have a model c 16 hp engine and they have a model d 20.9hp engine which is water cooled. would it be better to buy the water cooled engine or not?.
    Anyone have used walkers before please advise any problems. I read in the forum when the grass gets wet they clog. Any other problems.. Thank you

    Kory Landscaping
  2. lawnchopper

    lawnchopper LawnSite Member
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    my company is considering Walkers and based off the people on this site and the little I operated the demo we have they are great for bagging and doing cleanups but as far as a production mower to be able to cut lots of grass in a day there too slow
  3. cgland

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    We also are buying a Walker in March. I'm going for the 26hp EFI. Like you said, they tend to clog when the grass gets wet, so you need all the hp you can muster to get those blades spinnin'
    A trick someone taught me a couple of years ago is to spray the bottom of your deck with a lubricant like WD40 and the grass tends not to stick as much and is easier to clean out....hence I will try to spray the blower chute on the Walker, maybe the same principles will apply........I Hope!

  4. LB Landscaping

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    from Maine
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    Go with at least a 20 HP you won't regret it.
  5. GrassFearsMe

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    I have run both engine types, the 16 and the diesel, and i thought the diesel worked amazing. They tend to be slow during the spring because the grass is usually tall and wet, but if you take your time you can use them. The machine definetly cuts time in the summer and the fall, you need to want to catch everything though.
  6. ECLC

    ECLC LawnSite Member
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    I have the 20hp Kol., never had any problems. I would definately reccomend one. Go with the 20hp or more. I have never needed more power. Just a personal matter. When the grass is wet just slow down and you will get the same great results.

    On hillsides make your turns backing up. The mower can backup any hill, but it can not go forward up a steep hill. A couple of days and you will love the machine. Wait until you see the amount of time you save from not having to go around and pick up trash.

    Hope everything goes well.:blob3: :blob4:
  7. Norm Al

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    if you will go out and get a nice boat with about 25 ffet of chain,,,,,,that walker will make a nice boat anchor!:)
  8. kory landscaping

    kory landscaping LawnSite Member
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    thanks everyone, you've been a big help.. it's great coming to the forum and getting professional advice. Hope verybody has a great money making year and always think safety...

    thanks again
    kory landscaping
  9. gardenpro

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    I did a lot of research on the Walker before getting the 20hp. A higher hp WILL NOT suck wet grass better. The grass can go through the fan only so fast, they all have the same impeller/fan.
    I live in the mountains on the westcoast, we get plenty of rain/dew and cool nights so the grass grows superfast.
    Definately get the optional larger screen for inside the hopper. I have tried both and it's significantly better.
    Also the 26hp is overpriced for most applications.
  10. Royalslover

    Royalslover LawnSite Senior Member
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    I say this on every walker thread. the Walker is the best mower out there for bagging and the worst mower if you're not bagging.
    It has to be awfully wet and thick to clog the walker. I would definitly get the bigger engine. I spent $1500 extra to get a liquid cooled and I will do it next time I buy a Walker.

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