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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by plateau lawn care, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. plateau lawn care

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    How do the walkers do on wet grass from morning dew that is heavy here in the south as far as clogging in the ghs? Any one have any info on this
  2. ScCo

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    We use them everyday.

    The first hour of cutting in heavy dew can be quite aggrevating. I hear people say that their walkers never clog, however, for whatever reason, every walker we have clogs in a heavy morning dew.

    however, so does our exmark navigator. My opinion is that in wet enough conditions, with thick enough turf, collection machines are going to clog.

    If you are in a position where you can schedule a non-colllection job or two first thing in the morning on the mornings where you have wet grass and/or heavy dews, then you should be alright.

    They are great machines, but just like any machine, they do have their limitations.

    Also, due to the problems we have continuously had with our walker EFI machines, I'd personally recomend looking into a different engine option. Our EFI machines tend to find their way back to the dealer for misbehaving engines quite regularly. Everything else on the machines does well.

  3. plateau lawn care

    plateau lawn care LawnSite Member
    from georgia
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    what year are your efi's i did here about some problems
  4. crzymow

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    do u take the grass with you, and if so, how do u load it into ur truck.
  5. plateau lawn care

    plateau lawn care LawnSite Member
    from georgia
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    Anymore replies to this
  6. walker-talker

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    Sorry this is a little off the subject, but we have here someone that owns both a Walker AND a Navigator. Please, enlighten us how these machines compare side by side...I would like to know.

    Back to the subject. I have a Walker with a 26efi, but I don't collect grass. I have had pretty good luck with that engine. about 550 hours on it and nothing major gone bad. A couple belts and a relay, but that's it.
  7. plateau lawn care

    plateau lawn care LawnSite Member
    from georgia
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    Thanks for the info if anyone else has experience on this subject let me know. Ihave a wb now i demoed the walker couple months ago and was impressed and believe this mower would suit my needs better than the other types of ztrn mowers because i don't need to go 12 mph for what type of work i do. Thanks again.
  8. Lazer Man

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    We run two Walkers one a 25hp and a three year old 26efi, which we have not had probs with. To be honest I'm a Walker man all the way love the cut and just the way the Walker operates. But having said how much I love my Walkers they do have limitations on what you can do with them. As was asked cutting in dew covered or just wet grass they clog. I've found that if I'm cutting fescues that have little to no weed infestation the mower doesn't clog as much, but if clover or any grass then I clog. The only remedy is to slow waaay down then sometimes I can get through pretty clog free. An important note here is you HAVE to keep the screen in the hopper clean then clogging isn't as bad an issue. I keep a small wire brush tucked in on my mower deck so clean up of the screen is always easy. If you get the Walker get the newer large hole screens available you will be glad you did. Now after I've said all this I'm going to say my next replacement will be a Navigator, I got to demo one last year and while I love my Walkers I was impressed. Here is one test I performed while I had the Navigator, we have this one two week yard that is one of our first yards of the day our Lazer cuts this yard and usually leaves tons of wet clumped up grass. we usually cut and go on to some other yards as this stop happens to be a 4 yard stop, generally after the other yards have been cut the Lazer operator will re cut this yard and will clean right up. But this time I wanted to see how the Navigator would perform I've tried to pickup before with our Walker not without always clogging up so I knew this would be a good test. I'll say this the Navigator only clogged once and that was when I had picked some dried up clumps and when the grass hit the wetness in the chute it clogged but honestly any machine would clog with that. I believe the difference between the depth of the decks, the Navigator being deeper makes a ton of difference. I sued the machine for two days and saw no real difference between the two on the look of the cut so with the extra speed of the Navigator we are going to buy one and see how it all works out.

    Bob :waving: :waving:
  9. plateau lawn care

    plateau lawn care LawnSite Member
    from georgia
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    Thanks for the info Bob...:)
  10. ScCo

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    I'll do my best to give you a brief/but accurate comparison of the two (all my opinions of course, however our other operators share 95% of the same opinions)

    1. The walker is easy to maneuver without tearing the turf. Walker's drive systems seems to respond quicker to operator input, and it seems easier to get the inside tiring rotating backwards to turn without tearing than it is with the navigator

    2. The walker is easier on the operator's left forearm than the navigator. After many, many hours of operating a walker prior to operating the navigator, everyone at our company commented on the extra fatigue they felt from the navigator in relation to the walker.

    3. The navigator provides a cleaner finished product than the walker ghs does. Exmark's deck doesn't have the blow through passages on it, so less debris remains on the newly cut areas. The first week of usage with the navigator I definitely found myself dumping the hopper more than I was doing on the same properties with the walker machines. That did level off after that first week.

    4. Most obviously, the exmark is faster. But more importantly, the exmark machine deck is less prone to bounching/bucking than the walker deck. The different spring locations, heavier deck design, etc keep the deck noticeably more stable on the not so smooth areas on our properties than our walkers.

    5. Price difference is negligable at best in my opinion. Around here, the most comparable navigator and walker are priced within $500. We don't consider that to be an issue. In the two seasons that we keep mowers in everyday usage, they more than pay for themselves several times over, and the price difference really isn't squat in the long run (again, in my opinion).

    6. Walker's deck does fit under a few places that I can't get the exmark deck to fit under. However with the "benefits" of the deeper deck this is one of those situations where you can't "have your cake and eat it too".

    7. Exmark has a better setup for sheer bolts and blade mounting than walker. I don't see nearly as many broken sheer bolts on the exmark. Granted, in an ideal world my guys wouldn't hit things that would cause these to break, and they would never yank on the PTO engagement lever with the engine at full RPM, however i'm a realist on how my guys are on equipment, and I know they are going to pull stupid stunts from time to time.

    8. Lastly, the exmark isn't nearly as time consuming to perform routine maintenance on as the walkers. Changing oil is faster on the exmark. It has considerably less grease points, along with a diagram on the back of the seat that shows all of these grease points along with telling how frequently they need to be greased. There is a considerable amount less time required to service the navigator.

    To come up with any "complaints" on either machine (other than the electrical issues with our last couple of EFI walkers) I have to be almost overly nit-picky. I feel that either machine can suit any company very well as long as the people who will be using the machine can put their brand loyalties aside and accept that it is possible for more than one good machine to fit into the market that these machines occupy.

    By all means, I feel that a person should base their decision on which machine to go with on which dealership they think will minimize their downtime, and will stand behind the product after the sell.

    Hope this gives you some insight. I'm not trying to be PC or anything, I just simply can't knock one machine over the other as a whole.

    Have a good one



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