walker mtl31 - want to pull trigger but need more info.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by RonWin, Jul 20, 2013.

  1. gene gls

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    Which mulching deck do you use? How tall is the grass that you mulch? I haven't looked into the MB or MBK units yet. I did demo a 42" mulching deck for my MT unit and it sucked. The distributor that brought the deck out said it only worked good when cutting a 1/2" off at a time.
  2. RonWin

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    Ahhh i gotcha on the differences of mulching decks with plates vs side discharge with mulching blades now. Do you have to double cut though in order to get the clippings/leaves/yard debris small enough or is one cut at the general 3 n 1/2" height do the trick?
  3. joemower

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    Gene- on the MB we are using the newer 48" mulch deck that has the G6 blades and the wings on the blade hub . On are\\our MBS we are using the 52" combo deck. We did have an earlier 42" deck with the wavy blades that we used on a GHS and was less impressed about that deck too though it did a great job with leaves. We are cutting weekly at mainly 3.5" and in most cases only have to make a single pass. We do have to do some double cutting but we also did that when we were bagging too. Overall our experience with the mulching decks vs the bagging has been surprisingly good. Our biggest concern was how our clients were go to take to mulching and they have overwhelmingly accepted it.
  4. joemower

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    RonWin. It all depends on so many different variables. In most cases when cutting weekly a single pass is enough. We will do some double cutting if we just don't feel it's up to par with our standards but most of the time it's just not necessary.
  5. mowzilla

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    ok. my two cents as a walker owner..i have two

    ghs: i own a mt26. its ok on hills, hell it will back up a telephone pole if it can get a grip. efi. efi. don't buy nothing but the mt26efi. its the best ghs overall there is. i don't use it when its real wet unless i am just skimming. i run the back side of the deck up a notch to help with airflow. same with wet leaves.

    mb: well, actually i have the MBV- 18 hp briggs vanguard..well let me tell you. its a fantastic mower. i have long forgotten about the exmark lzer z i used to own. master this mower and its limit on slopes is the size of your....cuts great. clients that were used to seeing the ghs cant tell the difference. its a lot faster too, even though only 1 mph on paper. i cut places i used to push/use a walkbehind on. does as good as any mower on earth when its tall, wet, or both. especially considering i have the latest dml42 mulch deck. zero problems and plenty of power from vanguard engine.

    owning both , while a $22k investment has taken a 3 day a week business to the $47k a year mark. ( i work 4 days at another landscape company as their fleet manager due to my mechanical and landscape background). clients love my work. and its easy.

    i also have commercial 21, metro 26, and commercial 30 (all exmarks) to do the really small areas.

    i am hard core about maintenance..its pays

    the mbv is the easiest to maintain

    after trying various mower setups, this is the ultimate.

    i wouldnt run anything else..

    i do want a mbs 29efi with the 52 rear discharge for my bigger properties.
  6. CurbAppealKS

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    The walker sd mowers are great on hills, you hit
    it on the head there.
  7. Armsden&Son

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    Hey there RonWin..... Thought I would chime in as well... I am usually bugging most of these guys with questions myself too.. haha... Anyway, been running Walkers for 15 plus years and just this year I started my own company and what was my first investment? A brand spanking new MT 26 GHS of course.... I got my landscaping chops in working in greater Boston but just recently moved to upstate New York.. (as upstate as you can get) I agonized over what type of unit to get.. Do I go GHS? SD? The new MB's ... MBS' Properties are larger here in Upstate New York than Boston so I was thinking SD but everybody already runs SD so I wanted to go GHS to set myself apart by collecting... And then I realized, shoot! I can keep a larger 56 or 62 or maybe ever the Large Marge..... the 74 in my trailer and swap out when needed!!!!!! So that's my plan.... right now I run a 48 in Scag walk behind with a sulky for rougher stuff and SD work(still saving up for that 62 SD) But I can tell you one thing for sure and these guys know that I am adamant about it....... The 26EFI climbs like an absolute mother&%@#@%!!!!!! I have been specifically running the 26EFI since about 2005(including my new one) and it must be a behind the wheel thing because I can literally climb and stripe super steep stuff man.... Not backwards either.... if you know how to finesse those hydros and you know exactly how much speed to apply.... I can diagonally stripe hills that most mid-mounts would flip over on.... I can only imagine how nasty the newer SD models are on hills.....
  8. CurbAppealKS

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    Just curious, what tires are you running on your mt26? The all terrains are great for hills but it would be a bold statement to say that it will climb what a z would roll over on. I have ran walkers for a while and uphill climbing is something that I have always witnessed them being weak at. Now backing up is a whole different story, but we don't mow backwards lol. I'm not calling you a liar, just curious what your secret is. If I try to go up something to steep my tires just slip.
  9. Keith

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    Thanks for the info. We have pretty much had a rain out so far today, so I took a trip up to the local Walker dealer. They actually had a MBK w/42 deck. I've never bought anything other than some mulch and a few small parts from this dealer. There price seemed quite high. The guy working there (know him from one of my old dealers) said it would be around $9700 w/48" mulch deck.

    I know of another Walker dealer. Bought quite a bit from them over the years. But we had a little "misunderstanding" last year and it's turned into a bit of a Mexican standoff :rolleyes:
  10. Armsden&Son

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    HaHa.... Fair enough there Curb Appeal KS.... That definitely came out a little more bold than I intended and I did not mean to offend any mid mount owners..... I use the low pro's, not even the ATV tires..... I'm not sure that I even have any tricks up my sleeve other than my experience running them for so long... I will say this... We had a 23 Carb and that thing wasn't so hot on hills.... For some reason if you put Me on a 26EFI, I can climb baby climb! Gotta give her some speed right before you start up the hill and also lean back so there is more weight on the tires..... As a general rule I do not post pictures or videos on L.S because we all know that these forums can be seen on google... But if anyone is ever in the Plattsburgh, NY area..... let me know and I will show you some of the hills that I stripe.... yes, stripe...

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