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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mcambrose, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. mcambrose

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    Does anyone have experience with a walker 42-inch mulching deck of the 2004 series (older decks should have same design). The deck style was changed in about 2006, so I am not asking about the newer style. I found a like new 2004 mulching deck (used probably 5 hours) without the carriage assembly. The price is $500 which I think is very reasonable, but I want to know how the deck performs on bermuda and zoysia. They will let me try the deck out, but a single trial can't tell me enough about the deck. Is there anyone who has used one for a long enough period to give me the pros and cons. Obviously if Walker changed the design, they must have thought something needed improving.
  2. Zooropa93

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    I don't have any personal experience with the older deck, but walker still produces it and it is still available in florida according to my technician who had spent many years workin on walkers down there and also owns 2 of them with the old style deck. He says it does way better in sandy soil conditions than the new deck.
  3. mcambrose

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    Thanks for the information. We don't have sandy soils here. Does anyone have experience with the old style mulching deck with bermuda and zoysia on clay type soils? Thanks.
  4. ed2hess

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    I don't know what you are worried about....if I could get one for my Walker at that price I would buy it immediately.... I am looking for one, and that is a better option than a sidedischarge 36" unit with a modification kit.
  5. Turf Dawg

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    The deck was changed for northern grasses. I have the old style and as long as you are not trying to cut overgrown grass they work fine. I have had people tell me that they just love that bagging mower and I had on the mulching deck. I might sell mine but it would be higher than that.
  6. CrystalCreek

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    These decks work really well. Great deal by the way. The only time I have problems is under a tree that drops flower peadles. Thats when I take the backpack and do a real fast blow off. Make sure you remove the blower belt. This will save you a lot of fuel and also makes the machien quieter. Don't waste money on the blower block off plate. Just stick your back pack tube down the into the blower and let it rip. I do this at the end of the day. I don't like grass sitting in there, may cause rust and rot. hope this helps.
  7. mcambrose

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    Thanks for the information.

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