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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Rodg, Sep 19, 2000.

  1. Rodg

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    I have noted in the forum an on going discussion about the benifits of the walker vs the exmark. I am at a decision point on my next mower. A walker 26hp EFI or the Exmark Lazer HP 52" with the new "UltraVac" Bagging system. The exmark runs about 3000.00 less than the Walker. The only problem I have had with my current 16hp 42" GHS is it will tend to flatten "thin" lawns rather than cut them. With some of my accounts I am forced to use my trusty 'ole JD, which lifts the grass and then cuts it, giving a much better appearance. Has anyone used the new "ultravac" system on the exmark? I bag most of the season-so this is a big point with me. Please let me hear your opinion-I would appreciate it!

  2. tlcgrounds

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    I own 4 emark machines. I have great luck. A friend of mine bought a Walker 4 years ago. He used it as a weekend money maker. He had 600 hours on it this year before he had to replace the deck, drive line, and a lot of other costly stuff. Maybe he didn't take to best care but I put 450 hours on our newest lazer in 4 months this year and it runs better than when I bought it new. I mulch everythin gand have looked into the ghs and the ulta vacs. Think about this the walkers are not as compact and the impellers are very expensive. The lazers I feel are built stronger and the lazers have a higher blade tip speed I believe. Engine power is very importnat to I believe the mor jiuce the better. I have to admit the walkers ride a bit smoother but the lazers will mow a hell of a lot more in less time. One thing to think about os trimablitly. THe wqalkers have a big ofset from the tires meaning less ringing around trees and outlining. Three thousand dollars is a lot of money and if you finaince it thats another thing to think about. Intrreast on three thousand dollars extra adds up fast. If you are mowing thick lawns and lare properties than the lazer is the way to go. If you do want to go with a 52 consider a 60". I first bought a 52 aftermy 48 metro but I bought a 60 6months later and a second 4 months after that.
  3. southside

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    I own a 26hp efi Walker with 48" GHS deck. It is an excellent machine.Very productive and leaves an excellent finish.

  4. tlcgrounds

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    Hey Rodg, I can relate to thin lawns flattening out when we mow. I take it these properties have tall thin grass wich is very hard to mow. What I could suggest is either to mow it shorter and have them water and fert. more often. OR you could use a higher lift set of blades and run your tires with a little less air pressure. or lastly put small spacers under the front set of deck adjustment posts which will allow the deck not to oush the grass over before the blades cut it. If you have a JD tractor I can only imagine the lost time due to the ineffiecency of the machine.
  5. Rodg

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    Thanks for the responses so far! It's is really helping with this choice I have to make. My leanings so far are to go demo the ExMark and see for myself what it handles like. Sounds like a machine I would happy with. I will allways have a walker in my fleet, but speed and cost play an important part too! So maybe I'll go both ways! The walker for my smaller and thicker lawn areas and the ExMark for my 1 acre+ and thinner grassed Lawns.
  6. Lazer

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    You're comparing an airplane to a helicopter.
  7. AB Lawn Care

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    Laser-you got that right!The exmark and the walker are 2 totally diffrent designs!Both are very good in there own ways.Which is better??????Neither are!!!!2 diffrent machines 2 diffrent results!My best suggestion is demo both and then choose which is best for your company.Oh and don't just try both mowers on 1 wide open lawn!!!!!!!Ask the dealer if you can try it for a day or even 3 hours of mowing!That is when you will see which mower is best for you.
  8. Eric ELM

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    If you want a Stealth Fighter, get a Chopper :D
  9. Lazer

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    The stealth fighter is sub-sonic, carries a small payload and is naturally unstable.

    Yeah, I suppose that IS like a chopper! lol ;)
  10. Cutter1

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    One thing to note with an Exmark with the bagger is trailer space. I have a 52 laser and have a ultra vac ordered. I measured it with the vac on. 18 inches wider and about 24 inches longer!! A lot of trailer space. They cut great and I like them better than the walkers, especially on hills, but take up a lot of space. Exmark cut grat and I love everything I have from them and I recommend staying away from Dixie and Eric!! :) Just kidding Eric

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