Walker or JD SST?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kenny6425, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. kenny6425

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    Here is my scenario. I can buy a 1999 Walker 18hp MC42GHS with 1000 hrs. on it for 2800.00 or a brand new JD SST 18hp for the same price, but the bagger for the Deere is an extra 950.00. I have to have a bagger no matter what, because all of my 12 accounts want their shavings removed. I am also debating on whether to buy a Ferris HW36KA walk-behind for 850.00 or just a commercial quality JD self-propelled for 500.00 to go along with the rider. Last but not least 12' or 14' landscaping trailer? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. sethsodsquad

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    It all depends on what you are using the Walker/John Deere for.

    John Deere SST -
    + made for the homeowner (not made for commercial use)
    + expensive bagger (makes SST more expensive than Walker)
    + mid-mount
    + higher ground speed I expect?
    + bagger is side discharge/tow behind?

    Walker GHS
    + made for commercial use (depends on the maintenance record on how long it'll last - usually quite a while if maintained correctly.)
    + slower ground speed (made for intricate landscaping)
    + bagger included - nice grass collection suction
    + won't need to use trim mower as much

    It all depends on what you need. It sounds like you need a bagger, and you need something that'll last a while. IMO, I'd go for the Walker.

    For the walk-behinds - is the commercial JD a 21" or 36"? Once again, it all depends on what you will be using the equipment for. With the Walker, I would get a 21". You shouldn't really need a 36" because the Walker acts similar to a wb.

    Trailer - don't know much about what other equipment you have, so it'd be hard to say what you really need. If all you are hauling on the trailer is a Walker, 21" wb, stringtrimmer, edger, blower, then I'd go for a 12' at most.

  3. MOW ED

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    Are you in it for the long haul or just as a hobby?
    I will always recommend commercial quality equipment when someone asks what to buy but I will also ask what are your intentions to the future?
    Do you want to take on more lawns, do add on services make up any of your business? What I mean is that do you dethatch, aerate, do snow removal, pesticide applications? Some mowers lend themselves to more than one task.

    I am a Walker owner and always will be, however I would tell you to demo any machine you are considering. If the dealer wont let you then I would move on to one that will. It is your money and you should be confident that you can use what you buy.
    Now a 99 Walker with 1000 hours can be good or bad, what is its history? Homeowner use? Institutional use? Who did maintenance and what is its repair history? It looks like it was used for 250 hours a year so that ain't bad but if it was used in a dirt field or wasn't ever maintained then that 1000 will be like 10,000 hours. You have to do the investigation.
    Now the wbs are another story, I'd say to take your time on this one if you geta Walker. The Walker fits into lots of places that I do not need to take a wb. If you are talking about trim mowers (22" cut) just get a used Lawnboy and a decent string trimmer. Unless you need a 36 cut to get thru gates where there is big acreage, a 36 is not gonna be a great choice but I do not know your situation.
    I will tell you one thing, not to disagree with my friend above but I would buy a 14' trailer as a MINIMUM. 16 is even better. You cannot stretch a trailer and if you plan to grow you will find it very nice to have the extra space. Even if you don't plan to grow buy a dual axle trailer, easier to turn and maneuver and it can be used for other purposes like hauling heavy items or debris. Just make shre you nave the horsepower and torque to pull it. We won't get into what kind of truck you should have.
    Good luck.
  4. NorrisG

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    I own both the JD SST 16 and a Walker 42 GHS. If I knew then what I know now about the SST, I would have never bought it for use in my business. For flat yards it's fine, but it will not hold even the slightest of hills. I even bought the tail weight that was supposed to help with traction, but.... nope... you start at the top of the hill and s-l-i-d-e to the bottom. One day I hope for it to turn into a commercial ZTR.
    For the trailer I'd say longer is better.
  5. kenny6425

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    from Maine
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    After reading all responses, I have decided to not buy the Walker or the SST. Instead I am looking at a 2004 Simplicity Consumer Z. Yes I said consumer. It has 2.5 hours on it and is a demo unit. The price is $3500.00 without bagger. I was told by the sales Rep. that it is built like a brick sh-- house! He said for my 12 accounts its would be more than sufficient. I am purchasing all my next year's equipment with profits from this year, so this is in my price range. If anyone has any better advice please give me a holler. My biggest account is 4 acres. All of my accounts have slight slopes. I currently have (1) employee and myself, but hope to take the plunge next year full time if advertising goes as planned. Thanks again to all who responded.
  6. edward hedrick

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    Simplicity 20 hp 50" looks like a ferris. I like the 20 briggs
    over 18 single Koh. Have you looked at the Lesco 60"

    w 25 Kaw was on sale for 6k. Ed
  7. sethsodsquad

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    Whatever floats your boat. The Simplicity looks pretty good for the applications you will be using it for, except for bagging. Watch out when the bags get full, the back end will become heavier. . .

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