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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 1984buzzard, Apr 30, 2010.

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    Dump bins in the hopper (of the walker) for me. I hate them, but have no other choice.

    I too had a high-dump hopper on a new walker and returned it and exchanged the tractor for one without the high-dump. The traction issues were just to much to deal with. Even on flat ground it was very difficult to even turn 180 degrees and start going forward again without the drive tires wanting to just spin. Walker, or someone, needs to do a lot more engineering to make a machine that operates correctly AND has the high-dump feature. Would have to be a totally new machine, not just add the attachment to a current model. The high-dump also dosn't lift high enough to dump into dump bed trucks with normal 2' sides, and also once you have some grass in the bed the next load you try to dump into the bed has nowhere to go.

    I would have loved for the high-dump to have worked, my arms and shoulders would certianly be thankful. I have to laugh at you guys that can mow 11 lawns and dump 8 times... I'd not be complaining if that were the case here! I am dumping 2 to 4 times, PER LAWN right now with the walkers. Commercial property this morning, 20,000 sq ft, to cut up and undulating to use a different mower, dumped 7 times, packed full. Overfertilized? nope. Only 3/4 lb. of N on my properties this spring. Just how the grass grows in out part of kansas!

    Unless you have 2 men to lift and dump, tarps or big bags just aren't feasable. A full load of damp, green, and well packed grass can weigh around 150+ pounds. It's one thing to lift that kind of weight on a barbell, something totally different when you are trying to wrangle a tarp or bag. I've done it, and don't ever want to try it again. Really quick way to injure yourself.
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    I got a Rubermaid tub from wally-world. It fits about half of my Navigators hopper in it, and I just muscle it into my pickup. My shoulders and upper body have felt like I have been at the gym each night. I fill my 6' pickup box to the BRIM daily.....and that is stomped down tighter than a gnat's arse. I tried a tarp one time......full box of nice green grass is waaaay to much at once.
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    We use the large green landscape barrels and put them right under the lip of the hopper door on our Navigators. Lift the door and pull out the grass then dump the green barrel right into the truck. No problem and weight isn't much of an issue. One green barrel basically equals a full hopper.

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