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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mds2000, Oct 17, 2009.

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    i put a a post years ago comparing the two.

    The weight issue is a non issue really because it's so minute, the weight of the operator can make the difference between the two machine. I'd drather have the better built machine which weighs a little more........Navigator.

    Exmark has dump bins for the Navigator. I've held them in my hands and seen them in the mower. We be available as an accessory to current owners.

    Changing belts takes about the same time for me on both machines. Both are pretty easy in my opinion. Navigator has one serpentine pump belt, and a double belt set that runs the blower/drive shaft. Walker has a belt for the blower, a belt for the pumps, a belt from the engine to the drive transfer, and the pto belt.

    Navigator will never have a side discharge deck. That's why they build the Lazer. People buying the Navigator is are buying it for a dedicated bagger.

    Walker has been around alot longer and some guys have no reason to try something else, but there is always something else and the Navigator is the first "something else" that really competes with the Walker.

    Navigator is not discontinued from Exmark like some guys keep posting. They are starting to add more options, including possible engine options for next year other then then what they offer now, but I doubt you'll see EFI motors. They are not as fuel effecient on a machine like this that you are engaging and disengaging the blades more then you would on a z cutting bigger areas, so the extra money on top doesn't justify it.

    I had a bunch of pictures on here comparing the two. There's plenty of info but there is a bunch of guys who post on here that have no first hand info and put rumors and speculation and have never even run half the equipment they talk about.

    Both are good mowers. Best post I seen about the 2 is if you are looking for a machine with all the different attachments and what not, buy a walker. If you are looking for the better mower....but the Exmark.

    I would demo them both and see what works best FOR YOU, not everyone else. I don't think you would go wrong with either.
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    Thanks Kutz!!
  3. Kutz Lawns

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    Why can't they devise a plate to cover the rear discharge hole in the rear of the deck to the blower, then make one of the sides come off the side of the deck and take the blower belt off, just like the Scag Cougar does?

    There's your side discharge on the Navigator!

    Or can it even be done on a deck with only 2 blades, the Cougar has 3 left handed blades.
  4. flatlander42

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    How would that work with the blades both spinning twords the middle? I am not familiar with the scag.

  5. Kutz Lawns

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    They don't spin towards the middle, they spin to the left & the left side of the deck comes off exposing the side discharge hole.

    I guess the Navigator has the blades spinning in opposite directions, I don't know!

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    Good point! lol:laugh:

    :clapping:Great post!
  7. LawnPro19

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    yea the walker has a left hand blade and a right hand blade and they both counter rotate towards the back middle of the deck hence the rear discharge... therefore side discharge on a GHS deck is just simply impossible!!
  8. flatlander42

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    X2 Same here with the Navigator.

  9. dishboy

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    Two hundred pounds for tractor and deck is not minute. Apparently you do not spend much time cutting grass on irrigated or rain soaked lawns, I do!. Having owned multiple Exmarks and now two Walkers and talkling with operators who own and run both, your assertion that Exmark builds a better machine is just B.S. coming from a manufacturer plant.
    You'll notice that Walker dealers are not on Lawnsite touting the Walker, they don't have to be because operators already know Walker makes the best finish cut machine!
  10. tallimeca

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    If you put a 120 lbs guy on a Navigator and a 320lb guy on a Walker......then what does that give you........????? That gives you 200 lbs added to the weight of the walker vs the Navigator at that point. Minute. So what you are saying is Walkers are great, unless you have a big fat guy on it......????? Because then the weight would be about a navigator and then it would be useless??? And you wouldn't even be able to run a full Z on these properties then if you are talking about weight issues.

    There is more weight concentrated over the wheels on a walker then on a navigator. If you own a walker then you know if you go full speed and then pull it back to neutral, what happens? The back of the machine literally will come up off the ground......... I can tell you that doesn't happen on the Navigator. Now using the same EXACT wheel and tire size, same wheel base, theres probably the same about of weight distributed at each tire. I have run both machines plenty so I don't know where this "rutting" is coming from.

    "Talking with owners" Just like I said.......no first hand information. I have spent hours and hours on both, have more wrench time on walkers then any other machine out there........I know what I'm talking about. Your argument is here say.

    Actually, i'm not a manufacturer plant. I'm just a guy who laughs at all the B.S. that gets posted on this site and tries to straighten people out when they have no clue what they are talking about. Or , giving the creator of this thread information that HE ASKED FOR, dummy.

    Your right, walker dealers aren't on here touting the walker. They are too busy selling you guys who own them parts and loving it!!!

    Hate to tell you guys but behind the scenes, dealers in areas where these machines are used gloat to each other because of the profit they make not only selling them, but on parts service. They refer to them as a "goldmines".

    But what ever you read on Lawnsite is the holy grail to most of you. haha.

    You don't own a Navigator, so all you know is what you've "heard". I've proven so many things wrong on here from what people "heard" about MANY things, not just this topic.

    I can remember some guy trying to tell me the deck didn't flip up on the navigator, the navigator didn't hold as much fuel, the Navigator's blower didn't have as much ground clearance and so much other bs.

    Oh, how bout the tools arguing with me telling me how their "reliable source" said Navigators were canceled back in June.

    If you want to get on here and discuss stuff, know what the hell you are talking about rather then just spouting off crap that you make up to make yourself feel important, and having the other dummies on here that don't know any better actually believe you. This goes for EVERYTHING.

    I had an argument on here with a guy trying to tell me that a Kohler 26 EFI didn't use a governor , it was all fuel injected. He called me every name in the book and told me I was full of it, until I posted a picture of the god damn governor arm and linkage!!!

    It's too bad because the idea of this site is great, but someone asks a question about something and every thread turns into a flame war.

    That's great that you love your lawn mower. The guys asked what we thought. Tell him you like it because of this that or the other things. Don't turn the tread into a pile of crap........as usual on here.

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