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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mds2000, Oct 17, 2009.

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    I didn't buy the Navigator on a "whim". I researched the machine, spoke with the allegedly knowledgeable rep, spoke with my dealer at length and decided on the Navigator.
    And as I posted earlier the local to me Walker dealer was a complete jerk so unless I wanted to drive over 50 miles one way for service I elected to purchase the Navigator.
    My mistake.
    Also I did not know you three years ago to the degree I have obtained now - I wish I HAD spoken with you, regardless the dealer with whom I am very comfortable was also taken aback by the lack of the side discharge deck.
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    50% of operators are clueless to QOC issues. 45% don't care as long as the grass is cut. That leaves five % that care about finish cut enough to educate themselves to actually do something about it and slowly take work away from operators who do mediocre work. Keep selling those Navigators , it does my business good. BTW my Walkers weigh in at 753lbs and I am one of those 5% operators using a different Walker deck, the 42A mulch deck.
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    So, dishboy you mow your lawns with out a deck? Oh, 200 pounds doesn't make a difference you cutting the same way everytime does. Just to add in my 121 lb Honda makes ruts in wet grass. One more thing french drains do a wonderful job at getting rid of your swampy areas. Each mower has its benefits; Walker's is options and Exmark's is productivity and reliability.
  4. dishboy

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    Mower and deck 761lbs http://www.walkermowers.com/MODELBspecs.html.

    The Exmark is no more productive or reliable than my walker on my lawns, and I always change directions
  5. Lovemesomegrass

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    Dishboy you have no arguement because this mower is not even the same kind of mower as the exmark navigator. I used to work for Champion's Retreat golf course in Augusta and the all fairway mowers easily weighed 2000 lbs and they created no ruts. If you changed direction everytime and actually had a mower comparable to the navigator then you would know that 200 lbs are not going to make a difference. I used to own walkers and when they broke your wallet knew they were broke. My exmark has almost double the hours my previous walkers had and i have had no problems.
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    'That's because the guys who have been doing this for many years are older and slower...can't get to the red machines before the younger, less experienced guys can!' Sorry, I couldn't resist that one...
  7. dishboy

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    A Walker C 20 hp with 42" weighs 954 lbs, a Exmark Navigator 20hp with 42" weighs 1140 lbs. This is what I made my claim on that the Exmark is to heavy. My mower actually weighs 711lbs with my 42" mulch deck(551+ 180) or a 419lb difference.
    Your 2000lb fairway mower is not 42" and will have much larger tire width & height than either the 42" machines above. Golf courses control irrigation , most LCO's don't.

    I have owned three Exmarks, and two Walkers, the Walkers are way more reliable than the Exmarks. I now mulch 100% of the time, Exmark can not compete in mulch deck performance or supply a tractor /deck that competes that is not more than 419lbs heavier for my application. If I wanted to bag I would run the Model S and 36" deck which would leave me 340 lbs lighter than any available Exmark

    If someone wants to mulch or bag small high end irrigated residential accounts where mower weight is a issue then Walkers are a better choice. I see Exmarks and Walkers everywhere around here, in my route area I see dozens of Walkers being used on small residential lots and one Exmark. Why do you think the Exmark guys are leaving their Navigators on the trailer ?

    WEIGHT MATTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  8. Lovemesomegrass

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    Weight does matter but not 200 lbs. As long as you change directions you wont have to worry about. By the way you still havent brought a comprable mower to the table. The exmark navigator (weighing in around 1150) compares to the walker mt (weighing in around 1000 lbs). Mowers used at golf courses will still rut up the grass but it is solved by changing direction.... also their tire widths are only 13"-14"; walker's tires are about 8"-10" wide. The wider tire will still rut.
  9. XLS

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    ok ill hit this , his sheit was bias as it get's

    i seen nothing that truley held water
    we own 12 walkers that mow only and a few specialty units
    we demoed the navagator to replace them with
    walker does not have more maintenance points, they do show more maintenance on his sheet , like spray the wheels sheit and dont forget to lube that spinning wheel in the air cleaner crap, truth is our guys blow out the engine area ,air filter and check oil everyday .
    they grease the deck piviot points,castersand the floating mechinisum behind the wheels and 2 grease point on the steering leavers monthly
    everything else is a 1 time yearly account.

    we have run these machines for 10 years and besides belts and engines they dont eat parts.

    he hit on the frame sizes over the deck , we showed the width of the tubbing but what is the thickness , reguardless how many of you walker guys have lose a deck pin or broke a carrier frame, COME ON i know things can happen but if you use the units the way they are designed, to mow grass walker is more then addiquate and exmark is overkill.
    the added weight of the exmark carrier frame throws more weight out front of the wheels and makes it less cabable of floating .
    pick up on a walker deck it can float with 3 fingers force yo ucant do that on the exmark ,so good luck not scalping with it .

    walker springs offer no threat to your man hood if it breaks and the exmarks spring is bigger and long ......crap because they buy fropm a suplyer who makes that size and if you look at it , exmarks is longer due to its on the side design like the scag cougar
    and due to the length it had to be fatter to hold the rated load of the bigger carrier frame.
    now lets not forget the deck stuff it is a 5'' on the exmark and a 4'' on walker ,no walker opperator will say the deck depth need to be bigger on their walker, see perfect is perfect reguardless if its a 4'' or 3'' or 6'' deck if it sucks it sucks.
    he hit on the gearbox ratings , both walker and exmark use the same design boxes and if walkers is rated at as he said 35hp and their si in the 50hp it dont matter neither is even clost to that rating and there is no rating on impact , any walker opperator can tell you '' i knocke dthe sheit out of it and it didnt damage a thing and then i hit this and it broke it , crap hapens , for you exmark guys WE HIT THING AND SO WILL YOU AND A 50 HP BOX IS NO BETTER THEN THE 35hp stop hitting crap its simple.

    it was a 2002-2005 unit and it was well used .
    walker started using the better gearboxes because they seen it needed to fix an issue
    exmark cant fix any of their issues ,still waiting on a sd deck are you , we can get urs in 3-5 days hehe .

    exmark did it back 10 years ago with scag,bunton,bobcat,randsom,toro and walker , see whos around dont you walker,bobcat,ransom and toro exmark failed BIG back then and if they dont get their ducks in a row will be destioned to do it again . reguardless of the company they all copied WALKER . to 1 point or another and none is as good

    for $60.00 walker can run as fast as the exmark from the dealer as a speed up kit

    for $150.oo i can get your walkers to 8.5-9 mph with m more modification then the standard speed up kit, walker dont see it nessacery to speed their units up because it puts them into larger a class of machines but they can go much faster if you want it too.
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    "reguardless of the company they all copied WALKER"

    Almost every product you use was copied form another source......Very few originals, and often times the one that came in second is better. I like both mowers, but just so happen to have both :gunsfirin

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