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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by REX HANKINS, Sep 30, 2000.


    REX HANKINS LawnSite Member
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    Interested in buying a walker or scag turf runner. Like to hear Pro's and Cons on either one.

    BUSHMASTER LawnSite Senior Member
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    own a walker and have not run th scag imotaion. the scag does have a 3 in one deck but how well will it proform on dicharge vs mulch vs bag. walkers decks have a special desgin deck for each operation to maxiumize the task.the scag deck would prob. do ok but i cann't believe it's going to do each job great.plus i think they only come with the infamous 25hp kohlor....just my thoughts
  3. landscaper3

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    they stopped making the turf runner and changed it alot of problems thats why they changed em
  4. MOW ED

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    I looked at both and while Scag does have some good ideas I am sticking with Walker. As far as service and availability of parts go I have had good luck with my dealer and with Walker. Bob Walker has personally responded to inquiries about certain issues that I have had over the years and I can appreciate that greatly. As far as quality of cut and all else that goes with the Walker, I personally think Scag can't compare.
    I tell all people that are contemplating the purchase to contact a dealer or better yet a Manufacturers rep in your area and try each for as long as they will let you. You are going to spend alot of money on this mower and you have to be sure it will work for you. Good Luck.
  5. AB Lawn Care

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    I run both walker's and scag's,But I will never own a scag walker rip off.I have talked to alot of dealers about it and they all say its just a cheap rip off.That hole 3 in 1 deck is a poor design.My dealer say that if you side discharge it will just leave the clippings in hay feild like rows.As far as scags other mowers go they build great machines,but that walker rip off was a big mistake!

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