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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by NNJLandman, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. NNJLandman

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    You guys with Walkers, do you find the machine overheating frequently. We have a older 20.9 HP Diesel Walker with 48" Deck at work, as the day goes on the machine starts to overheat on almost every lawn. Again I can understand its at the end of the day, but we dont use it all week or on every lawn and there is travel time between accounts. I've found that....forgot the name of it(its on the left side under the catcher, sucks in the air)damit...anyways...it sucks up a lot of debris blowing around as I mow, even though the Walker does have a collection system some clippings n leave get in here and again at the end of the day i have to take a backpack and blow them out and cool the machine off...kinda frustrating when im ready to go home. Anyone else having this problem...any solutions?

  2. fixer67

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    If you are getting a lot of trash in the engine bay then check to be sure the chute system is working right. I have seen poor fit up and even tennis ball size holes in them. Also check to see that you have both low and high on the cooling fan. It runs in low 90% of the time but switches to high when needed. There is a senors that trips it to high and a relay. Below 205* water jacket temp the fan runs in low. At 205* the senor trips the reply and the fan goes to high. If the temp keeps going up at 235* the alarm sounds. There is also a fan control module (Walker 7428) that every so often stops the fan and turns it backward for a minute or so to clear and trash that may be in fan or grill. If this does not work right the fan may not go into cleaning mode or may just stop all together or get stuck in cleaning mode which does not do much cooling. And are you using a 50/50 mix? Did you know that 100% straight anti-freeze will freeze and boil quicker than pure water will? Never use more than a 70% anti-freeze /30 % water mix. After 70% you start losing. I stick with 50/50 unless you live way up north. By the way I go to school for this.
  3. careco

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    Not sure what engine Walker uses but you might check the fan belt tension as I have a Grasshopper with a Kubota and when it starts heating up check the belt and sure enough the belt is slipping and making it over heat ! Good Luck and alway look for the simplest things first!
  4. Avery

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    I used to have both gas and diesel Walkers. Overheating with the diesel was an ongoing problem. And yes I kept the engine clean.....
  5. gene gls

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    I have the same problem when cutting heavy growth with the 62" deck. I pull the "screen" off from the raditor to alow better air flow. I also blow out my raditor every day before I use it with compressed air.

  6. fixer67

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    It is a Kubota but there is no fan belt. It uses a 2 speed 12 volt electric fan for cooling.
  7. fixer67

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    OPPPS, I got a 1996 Walker Diesel today that WAS a belt drive cooling fan. The older Walker Diesel did in fact use a belt driven cooling fan, sorry about that. When I seen the one today I said to my self "Looks like I goofed on Lawnsite". Just thought I would try to fix my mistake

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