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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jsf343, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. jsf343

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    I did a demo on a Walker last week, it was an older mower 42" deck, over 1400 hours on it. (I was surprised they had me use that one, I felt it was not putting their best foot forward) anyway I have a few questions about it. There was what seemed to be an excessive amount of vibration on it maybe it is normal? I talked with the shop guys and they told me there is some vibration especially on the older models. For those of you with the newer version (I suppose a year old or newer) is this vibration normal? also I am curious of true cost. The dealer said for a 25hp or the new 26hp in a 42" deck was close to $12,000.00! I about dropped a brown trout after hearing that. Anyone have the new 26-hp efi? I am very curious about that model.
    I tried the 19hp with the 42" deck and it was good overall (I have many residential that could fit well with this, but also some larger commercial. I really think the 48" would be a better fit) I am going to try the john Deere mulch on demand mower in a week or two with a bagging system. (I need to be able to bag) and I have tried scag. So far I think the walker is the best fit.
    I do not like the cost though. Please give me some feedback if you own a walker (newer) I would like to hear a bit more on them. thanks- Jeff
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    Well, as far as vibration goes, a small amount is to be expected with any mower. However, if it is noticeably more than what you are used to with other ZTR's then there is something wrong with that particular mower. This should not be a problem with a new one. I would highly recommend that you go with at least the 20hp. That is where the pro models start. I don't think you would be AS satisfied with something less if you are using it daily. Others will tell you differently. And 12 G's for a 26hp is on the high end of what is normal. I've never owned this model personally but I think you get more bang for your buck with a 25hp. Really, I'm sure you will be very pleased with a walker no matter what model. Hope this helps!:drinkup:
  3. Mowingman

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    I owned 2 of the MT models with the 20hp engine before I downsized. I used both the 48" GHS deck, and the 42" mulch deck with the machines. They did an outstanding job for me in all types of mowing conditions. I had 1780hrs on one machine, and about 2,000 on the other one. both machines were trouble free all the time I had them. The 20hp is plenty for up to the 48" deck. I think my dealer told me the MT20GHS, with a 48" deck wold run around $10,000 now. Well worth every penny in my opinion.

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    I have and do own many walkers. The new ones with the 26 EFI will cost about 9500. I paid 9200 in April for a new one. the vibration on the walker is probably the PTO shaft(s) that you are referring to, no belts or pulleys. It gives the mower a different feel. All of mine are the 48" GHS mowers. Most with the 26EFI. I do have one 20hp 48" and to tell you the truth its pretty close in performance at a smaller price tag.
    We put 800 hours a year on them at least and after 1500 hrs or so they start to go so I trade them in. Personally I wouldn't use them if not for the warranty, meaning I would be careful buying a used one.
  5. pugs

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    26 EFI? Is it a Kohler? I dont think they make the 26 anymore...only the 28...

    Anyway, the price is probably in the ballpark. Bobcat sells a similar machine...the ZT125 and I wanna say MSRP on them would be around 12k. The Tractor is like 10k and then you have to buy a deck for another 2k or so.

    I dunno what you might be able to get them for because no one sells for list...

    You have to remember these machines have more going on than a normal mid mount ZTR. You have a the engine power a gearbox that drives the deck and also drives a vac/blower thing that sucks the debri out of the deck and puts it up in the hopper.

    More parts, More Complex machine = More dollars.
  6. Hurricane Lawn

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    Have you looked at the Exmark Navigator? I owned Walker from 88' to 02', so I certainly can say that they are good mowers. But the Exmark is a beefier machine, and doesn't have as many maintenance issues. The cut is every bit as good as Walker, and the best thing is they are anywhere from 2-3 grand cheaper.
  7. jsf343

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    thanks for the info. What is your opinion on gas usage between the two?
    maybe I will just stick with the 20hp if I buy one. Do you notice any difference with the 26 on hills or slopes?
  8. jsf343

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    I think it is new this year maybe. I have the booklet here and it says 26-hp,725cc,40ft-lbsmax torque, air cooled, EFI. By the way it is a kohler EFI
  9. Brian B

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    i worked for a guy that bought a brand new walker and it bagged great. the only downside is that he paid $12 g's for it. so the price he gave you sounds normal to me but yeah its high
  10. jsf343

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    The one big thing I liked about the walker is that it was light in comparison to other mowers. 950 lbs. I think was its weight. I am a bit gun shy to try and use heavier equipment on many of my residentials, especially when that good old Oregon rain starts to fly and the ground gets real soft.
    I hear ya on the cheaper part though.

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