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Northwest Ohio
Will a Walker mow a 45 Degree hill? If so can it be done in a safe way? Thank you for your input. Getting closer to a ZTR. Hope this machine will meet my mowing needs. Mowman


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Mowman, I think you need to refigure your slope. I seriously doubt if there's a mower made that will mow a 45 degree slope. You can't even stand on a slope that severe. In a realistic answer to your question, Walkers are not very good on slopes. There are better machines out there for slope work, MHO, Lynn


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N.E. Wisconsin
I do many properties on a riverbank and the Walker will do slopes but you have to do them in reverse as the weight distribution wont allow you to go foreward too well. If you have a heavier deck 54 or bigger it helps a little but I still use my Toro proline walkbehind for the slopes and the Lawnboy 2 cycle for the 45's. Yes I have them and you are right I can barely stand on them but the damn grass grows there for some reason.<br>Ask your distributor for a demo to run up and down the hills, thats what I did and it helps alot.Good Luck.<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: MOW ED


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Ontario, Canada
Mow Ed, I use the same equipment you do. The Walker for easy stuff, the Toro for steep big areas and the Lawnboy and soccer shoes for the small really steep ones. And if all else fails I get out the soccer shoes and weed trimmer and knock it down. I am pricing a couple of steep slope jobs for next year that the Toro will work good on. The current guy uses a 1210 Ford and drive straight up then backs down, he just put a new $3000 rear end in it and says he won't cut it again. The local hero is cutting it with a weed trimmer right now. I'll wait until later in the year and cut it with the Toro to show the Town works guy what it should look like and hopefully next year the job will be mine.

gene gls

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I mow down and back up,either stright or on a diagonal.I just bought a 62&quot; deck for my GHS unit and it is a lot more stable on slops because of the weight and extra width.I go places with my Walker that I couldn't use a wb on. The 62&quot; deck is awasum,(on dry grass),gives the Walker the feel of a big machine with the agiliety that it is known for.


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My Walker climbs hills really well. I have the ATV tyres fitted,and they stick like **** to a blanket.I don't know about 45 degrees though. We've had no problems with our Walker on some quite steep hills though.<p>Karl<br>


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Upstate NY
&quot;Most mowers roll over at 30 degrees.&quot; <p>I think this is too broad a statement I believe a tractor based mower would tip at 30 deg. But a walk behind? I measured my Ferris and the tires are 48 in outside edge to outside edge. The machine is about 28 in high except for the top of the gas tank. If I assume that the weight is centered ½ way up at 14 in (it isn't, the deck is under 14 in so it is lower then that.) Then the machine won't tip sideways until 60 deg. Even higher with a lower center of gravity. I realize that the engine would run out of oil before that and before the engine runs out of oil the machine would slide but it won't tip over. I use a Ferris Procut 22 rider (3 wheel) and it is quite stable on 20 deg hills (measured) with ATV tires. I have a web site tucked away somewhere for a mower that will cut a 37 deg hill.


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someone should check out the web site at the top of the page&quot;hustler&quot; make a mower for just this type of work.<p>----------<br>paul<br>

Eric ELM

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I agree with you Frank, I don't think any mower would tip over on a 30 degree hill, it would slide first. The wider the wheel base the more stable they are. My new DC has a 64&quot; wide wheel base on a 60&quot; cut. Yes those numbers are right, so it is very stable on very steep hills with the bar tires they have. I bet your still wondering about the 64&quot; wheel base with a 60&quot; cut and thinking, this idiot is runing over uncut grass. The tires are 12&quot; wide and start curving up at about 2&quot; in on each side, so there isn't any trompled grass that is smashed down so you can't cut it. They needed the extra width to get the diesel engine and radiator on the side all squeezed in there. I thought it was a mistake on the specs. when I read them, but I measured it, it's 64&quot; and still cuts great. :)<p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;http://pages.prodigy.net/eric.erickson/&quot;&gt;Eric@ELM&lt;/a&gt;<br>

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