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I replaced the seal on the box where the PTO shaft slides on the deck and it is still leaking. I noticed when I took off the shaft that a bolt just tightens on to the shaft and not in a threaded hole. The shaft seems to have a small crack in it and was wondering if this could be the reason that the fluid is still getting by the seal? What do you guys think? I think they should have drilled and threaded it for the bolt to go into. It is a 1993 model. Maybe Walker has changed it by now. Any of you had this problem? If so how did you fix it? Thanks for your input. Mowman


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I own a 93 model i just replaced the center box for other reasons. i am not really sure about a crack since this shaft out of the box Is harden steel very strong and solid
no way for fluid to pass inside.pop the seal back off and look or use a caliper and check the amount of wear on the shaft at the point that the seal rest.it may have worn to much to seal just like a balancer on a car..try going to napa or carqest and get in a "national seal cat. and try to find the same seal with a smaller inside diameter to seal better....or if you inventive you might be able to make a speedy sleave if the shaft is worn by the way the techumci gear box uses national seals good luck hope this helps

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Hey Mowman,you may have a worn out bearing behind the seal.My seal went bad due to bearing failure.

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