Walker Owners -JRCO has a new Aerator


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I was at my Walker dealer today asking about the Hooker Aerator by JRCO and he let me in on some info on a new product JRCO has produced.
They now have a Hooker Aerator that will mount to the Walker without the mower deck being in place. No mounting bar so the length will be about the same as a Walker with the deck.
I am going to get info on the particulars in a few days. (waiting for the mail). It seems like a better idea. The lady at JRCO told my dealer that they have been produced and are waiting for Bob Walker to give his O.K. to paint them Walker Yellow.
While we are all reading this, does anyone use a Mill Creek aerator for the Walker. Does Mill Creek have a Web Site?
Good Luck.

on one of our Walker units for large area aeration. Works pretty good, except you need to put 100 # of fertilizer on it to have extra weight. I got the wings on it. I aerate a football field every week, two times in the center in about an hour and 15 minutes. I also have a Toro Sand Pro that we adapted the hitch to accept the aerator on it also. Works great and about the same time. IfI owned a Walker I would certainely get an aerator for it. Should be able to make $ 100 per hour mininmum with it. Run a little souble nitrogen on it afterwards and the grass goes green in about 3 days and justify's your price.

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I'm not shure if millcreek has a website or not,but I have looked at the walker areator from millcreek.It looks like a good areator!


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Thanks Kentlawns!

Turfman99, I have a few questions about the Millcreek. What kind of Walker do you have? GHS?
Do you have to put a tail weight on?
Will it fit thru small gates 36"?
Any problems breaking tines?
Any problems in general with it?

How would you compare it to the JRCO Hooker if you have seen it?

Sorry for the 20 questions but I'm getting close to buying and need info.
We have 5 Walkers, all GHS. I use which ever one happens to be in that day.

Didn't put a tail weight on it but, did put 50 to 100 lbs fertilizer in the box.

It's a 48 inch unit with two 12 inch wings.

I haven't broke any tines, but it has some kind of funky mount without bearings. It goes so damn fast that I am not really worried about the durability of it. Seems to be well constructed and is serving our purposes. We aerate a baseball field every week in season, football field in season and will probably do another 20 or so acres with it in October prior to our Calprill applications and fall fertilizer. Certainely helps ouor atheltic fields break surface tension and makes the small amount of water we have go a lot farther.

Haven't seen the other unit you refer to. This was a $ 1200 unit and I won't spend a lot of time researching non motorized equipment. We'll make 5 to 6 k extra with it so I am not worried about a few broken tines.