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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by HacMan91, Feb 24, 2003.

  1. HacMan91

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    I talked to my Walker dealer today and he said the 16hs Kohler has been discontinued. He said Walker has had so many problems with this model that they have went to a new 18 hs. I have a 99 model with a 16hs/ 36" deck. He wasnt trying to sell me a new one but he said he personally would consider selling it. I also called the other Walker dealer here in town and asked what they thought about the 16 hs Kohler. He didnt say he would sell it but that he constantly sees them in for all kinds of problems. Mine has around 525 hrs on it. Should I consider selling this one? I dont want to be stranded in the middle of July paying $500 for some repair that could have been put towards a new one. Its never given me any problems so far and we usually use it and our 52" exmark together. If I did sell it, Id replace it with basically the same mower maybe a 42" this time. Any of you had any major problems with yours. Thanks:confused:
  2. MOW ED

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    The problem seems to be a Kohler problem and not a direct Walker problem. Walker has had their share of Kohler problems over the years. I was the unhappy owner of a 25HP Kohler that was a POS. I now am the very happy owner of a Walker with a 26EFI in it. I don't know your situation but I wouldn't consider anything less than a 20hp for Walkers applications. I use the 26efi for a 52SD and a 42GHS decks. Lots of power and great fuel economy.
    If you can swing dumping the 16, I would and look at a 26. Just my thoughts.
  3. JJ Lawn

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    I have no experience with the 16hp. But I have one with a 25 hp (7 years old, which gets a new engine this year) and one with a 26hp EFI.

    I am not real pleased with the 25hp, as I only have about 1800 hours on this engine. This is third engine, all replaced under warranty. Mower was not abused in any way, I am the only user. In my opinion the 25 hp was not a good engine overall.

    But the 26hp, now that is a different story. I love it. I have had it 2 years, and have had no problems. Plenty of power, and am pleased with the fuel economy it gets. It does use about a third less gas than the 25hp.

    If you are only going to get one deck, I might stick with the 42" GHS. This way if you want, and like to mulch, you can get the 42" mulch pan (no frame). If not, I would go with the 48" GHS.

    And I would go with the 26hp, if it was my choice. But then again, Walker is coming out with a 29hp water cooled engine this Spring. I'd wait for one of those. :)
  4. Indiana

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    I have had a Model C with the 16 hp Kohler for six years now. I have replaced the motor three years ago because a helper ran it out of oil. No fault of the machine just a mistake with not checking it.

    I would say keep it. Lots of people fret over the potential problem with ever having one. I am keeping mine, I'm kinda attached to my first Walker.
  5. Currier

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    If it is at all financially possible I would keep it as a backup/support machine...or just plain keep running it as front line because I seriously doubt you are going to have any troubles with it.

    My first Walker was a 15 year old model c. I ran that sucker hard for three years and never had any major problems. I probably spent under $200.00 per year on repairs. I sold it for $2500.00 and financed a 26 hp efi. I love the new machine (actually 2 years old now). I just think that if you haven't had problems yet you probably will be fine.
  6. HacMan91

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    Thanks for the input. I think Im going to keep it and run it till the wheels fall off. Theres no sense worrying about the future.
  7. Currier

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    I have a friend (another LCO) that swears by his model C. It is a little smaller so it fits on smaller residentials without looking so overwhelming.

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