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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by KLC LAWN, Sep 27, 2011.


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    Figured I would share, I have purchased many of walker spray paint cans in the past at $21 a whack. Just found Rustoleum Farm Tractor paint Old Caterpillar Yellow for $6.95 a can that is what seems to be an EXACT match. It sprays awesome, Just resprayed my deck and frame, rusty metal primer on rusty areas after sanding, then straight primer over everything then the cat yellow. Came out sweet.
  2. titus1011

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    Did the paint seem to stay on and workout ok for you?
  3. windflower

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    I repainted a deck with that 2 years ago. It is holding up fine.
  4. titus1011

    titus1011 LawnSite Member
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    Must agree, I used the Old Caterpillar yellow to repaint my deck and 2 stage blower. Can't tell a difference.

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