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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pcs, Mar 29, 2001.

  1. pcs

    pcs LawnSite Member
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    Does anyone know where I can find parts for my walker online?
  2. Turfer

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  3. Mowman

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    Try Jerry's Small Engine Supply. He is located in Stevens Point Wis. E-Mail address is www.jsesc.com He has parts for just about everything. He also recondtions Walker Mowers.
    Hope this helps you out.
  4. pcs

    pcs LawnSite Member
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    I tried j-thomas but the don't carry alot of walker parts.
  5. HorticultureSolutions

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    There really doesn't seem to be a lot of places online to buy, let alone lookup walker parts. Like the rest of you I have looked at the other sites but they don't seem to have a lot of parts or a way to look up parts. I have been really happy with www.calturfequipment.com. Nice site, easy to use, lookup for every model and quick turn around time. Hope this helps.

    Here is a link:

  6. Armsden&Son

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    Hey there Boy-o ! I just posted this in another thread too.... George O Hayes Equipment..... That is just one of the many places online, but a good one at that.... No need to thank me, you are welcome...

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