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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Premier Landscape, Jul 4, 2010.

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    I have a walker 23hp GHS with 80 hrs on it. Its been great working as normal but suddenly it has started losing torque on right side. Backing up any incline the right side doesnt pull hardly at all. I can barely get it in the trailer with the hopper empty. Also it seems to get worse after it has warmed up. Moving forward it no longer goes straight and constantly pulls to the right. I havent taken it to dealer yet, trying to figure out if its something minor like a tensioner spring or if its actually the hydro. I know guys with 4000 + hrs on their walkers with no hydro problems so i have a hard time thinking the hydro is bad. If anyone has experienced this or might have any info for me i would really appreciate it! Thanks
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    I have a Walker, but I'm not all that knowledgeable about the mechanics involved. I"m assuming the first thing you did was check the fluid level? The hydros also have releases so you can move a disabled mower. Is there any possibility one of these has got partially opened?
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    there is a steel bar holding the hydro in place facing the front of the mower, check it for cracks , its not round it about six inches and flat

    maybe a 1/4 inch thick

    if it gets broken, while backing up it presses the hydro and makes backing up hills almost impossible

    and the one on the right is usually the one to break

    you got to bounce it pretty hard to break it though

    both of mine have been welded several times
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    That problem sounds typical of a bad hydro especially since you said it gets worse as it heats up. If not hydro related some people say they have noticed the controls sticking if not properly greased. Under the seat near the front of the mower there are several grease zerks for the controls. You may also check the oil level in the actual gearbox that connects to the hydro. I had one once that was dry from the factory.
  5. johnnyusa

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  6. johnnyusa

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    Take deck off and follow steering linkage to springs that are approx 3/4 inch in diameter with slide pins. Either spray them with lube or take off springs clean and lube they are probably hanging up especially in dusty conditions
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    if none of your linkage is messed up and it only has 80 hrs on it bring it to the dealer the hydros are warranted for like a 1000 hrs from factory as long as the seals are not broken on them.:canadaflag:
  8. B Gillespie

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    Do not open the hydro fluid res. It will void your warranty.
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  9. AzLawnMan

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    Good Advice. Why would you take anything apart and troubleshoot? 80 hrs, its going back to the dealer.

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