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Walker Question


LawnSite Member
Wilmington, NC
I am looking at buying a 36" Walker with a GHS for my smaller accounts. My question arises because most smaller lawn don't have some where to dump clipping, so what do most guys do with them? Such as trash cans or just a tarp on the trailer what seems to work the best?


LawnSite Senior Member
Wichita, KS
We have 4 foot sides build up on the front 8 foot of our trailer. Solid sides, Not just expanded metal. We just dump the grass at the front of the trailer and at the end of the day we use Plastic trash cans which we have cut the bottoms out of and fill up plastic sacks and set them out for our trash man to take. If we get a lot we'll take a run to the dump. The one here charges less for Green Debris than they do for regular waste and they have a seperate dumping area for it.

If you're not gunna get a lot just dump it on the front of the trailer on the tarp and when you go to the dump you can just pull the entire tarp off the trailer and dump it that way. Good luck!