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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MIKEJ, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. MIKEJ

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    Just wondering what the Walker 48 GHS 20 HP unit should retail for? Also how does it cut in tall or wet grass, as the deck does not seem to be very deep. Any problems with clogging when the grass is wet and is it really as good as they say for picking up leaves (fall clean ups). One last thing, my clients want me to bag , but I must take the clippings to the landfill. How do you dump the walker in the back of your truck. Sorry if these question seem odd but you don't know if you dont ask. Thanks
  2. CMerLand

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    Do a walker search and youll pull up tons of information answering all these questions.
  3. Indiana

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    Many of your questions can be answered by doing a search about Walkers. I have run Walker since 1995 and they play a major role in my business. They are not the fastest but the bag leaves and grass without problems. Wet grass takes getting used to, you have to experiment with your grass type and machine.

    Retail prices will vary compared to options, engine type and deck, also your dealer will be a factor. Don't beat your dealer, remember good service will be a factor as well.

    Do a search and read, then post questions they don't cover...
  4. azturfpro

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    Get the 26 HP model , it is well worth the sxtra money .
  5. Green Pastures

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  6. mottster

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    We use 3 20 hp engines at work with no problems and plenty of power no matter what we get those mowers into. The mower set up you're lookin at is about $8,000 give or take some change. As for tall and wet grass, here in kansas we mainly have fescues and bermuda grasses and the walkers handle those fine if you don't just go blazing through them at full speed. Wet bermuda grasses are worse then fescues. Good luck with your Walkers, you'll love em!
  7. walker-talker

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    Ditto Ditto!
  8. QuadRacer041

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    im in new jersey, i think that my 20hp walker is just about the best money i spent on equipment.
    it sux for cut wet grass, it cant be done, it cloggs alot.
    but when its dry...in my opinion, no other mower cuts smoother.
    work great for spring clean up's with a thatcher attachment and its great for sucking up leaves in the fall.

    well worth the money, just make sure u also have a walk behind to use when its wet out.
  9. mottster

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    As for getting the grass into your truck...at work we have trailers that have the front 8 feet enclosed with metal....we back the mowers onto the trailer and then dump the clippings straight onto the trailers. When we get back to the shop we either use the skid loader on the larger 20 foot trailer and just unload like that or on the wood bottomed 14 footers we use big scoop shovels and just shovel the grass into a big dumpster that is emptied every weekday.

    If you aren't able to partially close in your trailer like that you can build or buy ramps that you drive backwards off of the front of the trailer over the back of the truck where you can dump the grass without having to use tarps...which is what i see a lot of lco's doing around here.
  10. CMerLand

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    Im also in NJ and completely disagree with your statement about them not working in wet grass. I have a 25hp walker and Id still be backed up from all of may and junes rain if not for the walker. While our TORO Z and Bobcat walk behind cut and spit clumps leaving the lawns a mess, a second pass over the lawns with the walker cleaned these lawns completely leaving them just as well groomed as if it it was dry out. Although we dont cut while its actually raining, these lawns were far from dry when we cut, and with experience you will learn proper speed under wet conditions. Just by the quality of cut I can determine when one side of the deck chute is clogged, and when the hopper screen is covered in crud.

    Those other lawns that were being "Mulched" during those two months of ridiculous growth still have a layer of dried grass just laying on top of the lawn getting pushed around each week.

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