Walker repair bill ( Part II )

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Metroman, Sep 10, 2002.

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    Thanks to all that viewed the first post and also the ones that took time to reply. I did not wont to mislead anyone so here it is straight from the invoice.

    Smoking-Test engine compression & leakdown
    R&R engine & disassemble - Rings badly worn
    replaced pis/rings reseat valves & replaced EX valves
    new gasket, oil & filter - Reassemble & test ran

    hrs labor 20.3 $883.05
    parts $220.29
    mis $ 26.49
    frt $ 4.00
    tax $ 9.92

    total $1143.75

    That all!!!

    This is all that they did, straight off the invoice.

    It still seams to be way to many hrs. for this job to be factory trained techs.

    Good point's have been made and a good lession learned!!!!

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    Hell a machine shop could fabricate you a whole motor faster than that , They should have told you up front how much your looking at ....How long did they have the machine,20hrs thats B.S.:angry:

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