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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by CLC, Feb 24, 2007.

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    Few questions I was told I could replace my MT walker kolher command 20 ch20 64554 with a 25hp ih so what model command 25? My other question where is the best place to get an engine 20 or 25hp
    Thanks Andrew
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    To avoid several issues, if you are buying new you need to the an engine with a spec number from a WALKER.

    Rob, on a Walker the PTO end IS the flywheel end. A stub shaft bolts to the flywheel to run the belts.
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    Thanks lucforce, Guess I need to watch these Walker threads. :hammerhead:

    Could you tell me a little more about these, My Ingersoll in my avatar has a M18 with a stub shaft bolted to the flywheel. It drives the hydros and a PTO output shaft with a electric clutch that powers the deck. Are Walkers set up this way ?

    I have never worked on one due to none in my area.

    Sorry for the thread hi-jack !
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    The company's website has been "updated" and no longer has good pics of how the mowers are actually set up. But...

    Page 37, and 64-68 of this owners manual will give you an idea


    The second incarnation of the Walker also used the Kohler M and an electric clutch.
    Third incarnation went to manual lever to engage deck/implement and command or kubota diesel engine. Now they offer Aegis engines. The model C had the ohc engines, and now has the command.
    Now the new homeowner models have electric clutch again.

    Basically two belts run off the stub. One is constantly engaged and runs a jackshaft that runs the two hydros. The other is a three-ribbed v-belt similar to the belt driven walk behind drive belts to the wheels. This belt spins a gearbox that in turn drives the deck or other implement. If the machine is a GHS (Grass Handling System aka fancy bagger) this gearbox also spins a belt to spin a blower that pulls the clippings from the deck and throws them into the hopper.
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    Thanks luc.....
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    Rob, the thing to remember with taking power from the flywheel end is that the pulley is now turning clockwise (for a Kohler), instead of counter-clockwise from the PTO shaft.

    All of the Command Twin horizontal crankshaft engines have a flywheel with a 3" bolt circle for adding a front drive. Of course it may be necessary to modify the grass screens on most of them.
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    The fact that the rotation of the "PTO" end changes once you run off of the flywheel have caused problems MANY times. When Walker first changed to the Command they were running off the traditional PTO end. Only a couple of years later the engine was turned 190 degrees in the machine. From the outside of the machine there is no difference. But the internals for the primary gearbox on the earlier machine are of course designed to spin the deck in the opposite direction from current models. Gearboxes are identical externally.

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