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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by captdevo, Sep 10, 2001.

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    check the link it's not working
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    Not working for me either.:) ;) :) ED
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    well crap... i've tried bmp, jpg, zip,txt and doc....nothings allowing me to attach.

    i will try in the morning.

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    well heck, i'll type it.

    In Tank Fuel Filter Screen on Pickup Line

    Part# 5020-1
    Description: Fuel filter (in tank) 105 micron
    Affected units: Model MC/MD/MT s/n 01-54912 thru 02-55728

    It has become evident that the fuel filter screen on the end of the pickup line for the top-draw fuel tank improvement is too fine (28 micron). The screen has the potential to be clogged quickly and not allow fuel to pass at a proper rate. This has been most noticeable on the EFI high-pressure system. An improvement has been made by changing to a higher micron (105) screen. If you have units that have appeared to be fuel starved or not getting consistant fuel, this would be a place to check.

    A simple test to know if you have the improved filter is to hold the filter up to light, and you should be able to see through the screen. The old filter does not allow light through.

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    I told ya somethin screwy was goin on in there.

    Thanks for the info. Mine is brand new and workin great right now.

    Be safe.

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