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Walker Shutting Down


LawnSite Senior Member
Northwest Ohio
After about 5 minutes my engine keeps stopping. Oil level is full. I did notice that the volt meter was all the way over to 16 volts. Someone told me that the battery was overcharging and that why the breaker was popping. They said I needed a new voltage regulator. Could this be the problem? Thanks for your advice. Mowman


LawnSite Fanatic
N.E. Wisconsin
Hi Mowman,

Being the previous owner of the dreaded Kohler from he** I have some potentially bad news for you. I had this happen to me and basically it could be a number of things.
1. If ya feel lucky - locate a new ignition switch for about 20 bucks. Put it in yourself and see if it does the trick. This is what happened to me a couple years ago.

2. Now you are into the Kohler repairmans territory. Possibly bad ignition coils. Usually located underneath the motor (26EFI has learned to move them to the top). Easy fix but difficult on Walker because the motor has to come out.

3. Reaching a little farther-could be gaskets. Any backfiring?
The Walker is a great mower but Kohler has been anything but for me. Keep me informed what shakes out either here or by e-mail. Good Luck

Eric ELM

Husband, Father, Friend, Angel
Chicago, IL USA
My 22 HP Kohler was over charging last year and that sulfer smell was horrible. My dealer gave me one off of a junker engine and it's been fine since. That should fix the over charging.

Eager Beaver

LawnSite Member
I had this happen to me on my 25hp Kohler. You may want to unhook the low oil preasure sensor if you have one and see if it stays running.If these sensors go bad they will shut down the system and you will think it is an ignition problem. All you do is unplug the wire from the sensor. Just make sure you replace it if that is the problem. The sensor is about $12.00 if I remember right. A lot of dealers sold a lot of ignition boxes or at least said they did and this was what they ended up replacing.


LawnSite Senior Member
What a shame ,as kohler has fallen for the same trap as Homelite,Mac,tec&briggs,push the quanity not the quality.after the k series they should have sold out to kaw.or honda


LawnSite Member
mowman ..look at voltage meter while engine is running..keep watching the meter, if the meter needle falls to zero before the engine shuts down , the problem is the ignition switch..this happened to me this summer
good luck hope this helps