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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by walker/redmax, Dec 23, 2006.

  1. walker/redmax

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    A while ago I heard about a new 36" snow blower for walker mowers that does not require the implement hitch. Has anyone out there used one? I want to know how much they cost, if they really work (especially in heavy snow) and if I would just be better off going with the dozer blade attachment. I am really hesitant to buy a plow because I would not think that the mower weighs enough to push any large amount of snow with a blade. Living in Colorado my entire life and after just having this huge blizzard that closed DIA I have decided that it might be a good idea to have something a little bit more heavy duty than a snow shovel.:laugh: Happy Christmas everybody!
  2. walker/redmax

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  3. John Gamba

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    from what i understand its a Single stage blower and they usually will throw the wetter snow better but they dont have the depth or the processing of the deeper snow that the two stage has.

    Where i am we almost need both the single and the two stage..
  4. mojob

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    My walker plow will push through about four inches of snow. After that, there's just not enough traction. I'm running the snow tires that walker recommends. I might try the chains. This blizzard was a big one. I usually use my walker for the side walks, but the snow is too deep this time and there was no way to plow with the storm to keep it under control. I have a Toro single stage that I'm using to cut a path. I'm going to invest in a big two stage for just these occasions. I'm not sure about the walker blower though. I think if the snow is that deep to need it, then the mower might have trouble getting around. Mine was getting stuck a lot and it doesn't take much. If I were you, I would get the plow. It works great doing normal snowfalls and you can use it in parking lots in tight areas and for the cleanup work even in really deep snow as long as you have a cleaned off section to start with. We're going to be digging out until 2007, huh?
  5. walker/redmax

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    Yup, with more on the way.
  6. K c m

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    Sorry. but you are wrong. I run toro ccr 2450 r-tek's. This thing is a House. It is small enough to get a few in the back of a pick up truck. As fast as you can push the thing it will toss snow down to the sidewalk. Deepest snow i delt with was some snow drifts which were about 3-4' and it took a little time but not much comparing to the bottom line production. the only problem i had with it was about 3 years ago when the temp fell to 15 degrees and it was about 24 inches. The snow was so fine that it got stuck in the carberator and it would bog (idled real high and real low) other then that no problems. IT is an exceptional unit. Can get done a driveway/sidewalk in ehh 7-10 min.
  7. corey1977

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    at least them guys are getting snow walker/redmax how close do you live to the walker factory?
  8. walker/redmax

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    Not far; only about 10 or 15 miles. Does anybody know how much one of these new snow blowers would cost? If nobody can tell me I'll have to go through the agonizing process of getting off my arss and calling the dealer to find out. :laugh: thanks.
  9. cantoo

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    I bought a used one a couple of years ago for $10. Sold it for $400.
    No one there knew what it was off (except me). Got a 62" deck for $100 and a dethatcher for $5 at the same sale. Right place right time.
  10. walker/redmax

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    That is one hull of a bargin.:waving:

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