Walker Starter Replacement 26EFI

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by MOW ED, Nov 30, 2007.

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    Hi all. I just wanted to leave my insight on replacing a starter on my 2000 Walker with the 26EFI. Prior to doing the job I read some things here and there about the job and got estimates of between 4 and 8 hours to do the job. I would say that closer to 4 is a good number. I also read that some guys have pulled the engine to do it and others have dropped the blower. I dropped the blower because I didn't want to mess with the other way.
    I took the deck off and drove the tractor up on car ramps. This is critical as you will have to drop the blower completely out to get at the starter. Disconnect the battery and then disconnect the electrical connections on the starter itself. The owners manual has the procedure to drop the blower and it is straightforward. The skid bar comes off first and they make you rotate thru your sockets. For 3 bolts I used a 1/2, 9/16, 5/8 and 11/16 sockets. (why not make them all one size) Then the faceplate of the blower gets disconnected with these little locknuts. There are 2 small nuts that hold the blower from the back. Before disconnecting them crawl under and disconnect the belt and the belt tensioner for the blower. (when replacing the belt tensioner spring later I highly suggest a brake tool to replace the spring) Remove the 2 small unts from the underside and the blower can be wiggled free of the faceplate. It is a close fit but drop the blower straight down. Once the blower is out there are 2 bolts that hold the starter in. Pull the starter cover the hole and blow all the years of dirt and junk from under here. Wow I found lots of dirt. Replace the starter with the new one.
    Here is an interesting tip. I bought an aftermarket starter from J Thomas. They did not have the OEM in stock and I needed to get this done. The aftermarket starter is just as good but it is a little fatter than an OEM for the Walker. You also have to make a wiring modification by clipping the factory connedtion and wiring on a different end that can go on a screw. Back to the fatter starter issue. I put the starter back in with no problem and then used a floor jack to hold the blower while I raised it to line it up. I was so happy with myself and I got the blower back in within about 20 minutes. Then I tried to put the brand new belt on.... The clearance between the blower pulley and the starter (aftermarket) is very very very tight. So tight that it took me 25 minutes on my back under the machine to get the belt on. This occurred while I resorted to KY jelly to make the belt slippery enough for me to force and wiggle it past the bottleneck. I needed a priest to cleans my sins or a nun to wash my mouth with soap but I got the belt on. I hope to have sold the machine before the next belt change. Once the belt was on everything was checked again and reassembly in reverse. A tip is to not tighten the small star nuts on the blower faceplate too much, They will snap. (only one) Another tip is that when replacing the skid bar make sure all of the bolts are in first. Don't tighten anything until they are. You would be surprised at how one or two turns too much on a nut will prevent it from aligning.
    It starts like a champ. Sorry for the dissertation but I want you guys to know that it is possible to do this and it was relatively easy. No special tools just a willingness to move up and down side to side on a cold floor for a while. If anyone needs insight on this topic in the future just let me know.
    Happy Holidays.
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    I'm glad it worked out for you without too many problems. I have had to remove my starters many times for cleaning. A starter replacement should be easily done in 1.5 hrs. A good mechanic should be able to do it in 1 hr. Sounds like your shop was over estimating the labor. Removal of the fan is about 20 minutes. Just two bolts on the starter. However, the wiring change could take 1/2 hr extra.
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    Thanks for the info......what is a skid bar? I made a jury rig thing to keep my unit from catching on the motor bolts....is that what this skid bar does?
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    Hi Ed,
    The skid bar is a bar that is about 1/4" iron and runs under the blower from front to back. It is held on by 3 bolts and nuts all of different sizes. It is plain to see it when you get the machine on ramps and get under it. I know Walkers have low clearance but I never really got the thing too hung up an anything. When you start to see how it is put together you have to appreciate the engineering involved.

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