Walker Starting Problems?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by affprop, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. affprop

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    I have a 2000 MT25 awhile ago it started giving me trouble starting, wiggle the ke y like hell and it sometimes would catch and start. Not anymore. So Im thinking the ignition switch, I changed that yesterday and it is not that, anybody have any suggestions before I go drop it off to the dealer and have to pay another big bill. Thanks in advance for you ideas.
  2. MOW ED

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    I had the same problem twice. Once it was the ignition switch and the other time it was the coils. The infamous 25 has coils mounted UNDERneath the engine. To make a long story short, it took 6 hours of labor to change them and a couple hundred bucks for that p.o.s.
    Kohler realized that this was their test engine and later moved the coils to the top.
    I aint sayin this is what you have but it sounds something like what happened to me. Good Luck.
    On the way home from the mechanics, dig thru the cushions and find enough change to buy a for sale sign. Take the money and buy a 26EFI Walker. Thats what I did.
  3. MJB

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    Have you adjusted the safety switch on your speed control. I had trouble getting it to turn over at all, so I stuck a screwdriver thru the slot under the left control lever and push in on the button on mine. This has to be pushed in if it is out of adjustment it won't let the engine turn over. Make sure you pull the speed control handle back then if it won't start try what I did, then if it starts you'll know it needs adjusteded. Super easy.
  4. kels

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    could be the selonoid on the starter, have you tried to jump the starter with a screw driver?
  5. fixer67

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    Could be your PTO switch. If the switch on the PTO sticks it will not start. You can take some needle nose pliers and pull out the plunger on the PTO switch if it does stick. It could be the seat safety switch or the neutral switch that MJB was taking about. I work on Walkers all the time but it is hard to say with out a more info. Good luck
  6. neoplix

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    I have a 1998 walker mtghs and new ignition swithch working great and now nothing no click nothing.
    my oil pressure alarm comes on as normal and turn key and nothing. please help if anyone can thanks

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