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    Here are a few pics from this spring. First is a full maintenance clients fescue lawn. Rest are from a house I bid on Sat. 22K fescue over seeded with annual rye. Army bugs ate up their lawn last summer, hence the rye. I came in at $280 per month . Talkin full works maintenance(48 weeks per year). Mowing, fert, hedges, pre emergent in mulch beds (20 yards worth) and huge rock bed surrounding in-ground pool (not in pics). Big yard of course but a lot of trimming around all raised concrete edges that surround all mulch beds. also lots of trimming around pool area. Customer wanted to see my work and paid me to mow his lawn. After I was done he told me he had two other estimates of 220 and 235. He said that if I came down to 235 I would have the job and a 2 year deal. I told him I would come down to 250 only because of the large amount of mulch work and he wants to reestablish his fescue. Plus a couple smaller jobs. Not to mention it would be my first house in the neighborhood. He stood firm at 235, I told him I would think about it. So tomorrow I am going to tell him the other guys can have at it.



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    First yard in the hood...I dont know if i can walk away from that.

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    Looks Good

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    Looks good man...stick to your guns dude. It's one thing to go down a little but as you obviously know it's not worth workin for no money!
  5. $280/mo with fert and pre-emergent in beds seems low for that size lot.....I don't know that I would do it for $280 without fert/pre-m......maybe im not seeing the whole picture but I would have laughed at him for even $250
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    Here are some pics of a house we did this spring. Much mulch, edged all beds plus 80 bales of pine straw in backyard. River rock beside driveway for drainage and a few other ins and outs.



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    I feel yah Diamond. My first number in the truck was $295. I hope he is comparing apples to apples as far as number of services. I could be irresponsible and take the job and give him less then stellar service but that is not how I am programmed. I get the most out of my work week when I can say I did everything in my power to take my time and provide a rock solid service that produces results. When you lowball or take on work that you now is underbid then you are more likely to have a tendency to say, "I will get that next week" or skimp on post emergent spot treatments and such.
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    Does that price include the mulch, clean-ups, etc? or just the lawn and fert?
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    Sell and do your best quality of work...and do not underbid yourself...if the quality is there...they will come...I would explain to the guy once what the standards are and if that doesn't sell him, make sure you don't birn the bridge, odds are the cheaper guys will cut the corners and you will get a call..otherwise if he can't afford a first rate yard or is too cheap to pay for the necessary he does not desrve that caliber of attention...guus like that stiff waitresses too...
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    280 per month to do everything you said, Thats crazy
    To me sounds realy cheap
    Im not from your area and maybe thats going rate

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