Walker tearing up turf!!

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by rlmlandscape, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. rlmlandscape

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    So I bought a Walker GHS this year and have noticed over the season that my walker is tearing up the turf when making 180 degree turns. I have tried numerous ways of manuevering the mower to try and stop the problem but it is still tearing up lawns. I have tried 3 point turns along with the way the dealer told me how to turn it when I demoed one last year. It seems no matter what speed I go at it it will still tear. I was wondering maybe if I lower the tire pressure it might help or if it was just the low profile tires that was causing this. It does not do this on all lawns so I'm also wondering if it the lawns that are causing the issue. Most of the time its on lawns that are moist from sprinklers or lawns that are thin. If anyone has some help that might solve my problem I'd appreciate it. I love everything about this mower just having this one issue with it.
  2. Currinson

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    I found that on wet turf or thin turf if you don't reduce the forward speed control when in a turn it will tear up. I am used to keeping the forward speed control maxed out and controlling the speed with the 2 levers, the problem is the machine tries to come out of the turn going to fast, I have 3 walkers, soon to be 4, next week I hope
  3. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    might be your tires maybe need look into smoother tires
  4. electric

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    You need 18x 10.50-10 tires. The 18x9.50-8 if your not super carefull tare up lawn when turning no matter what. Also as above mentioned this time of year with cooler weather lawns stay moist and soft. You will notice it more. Everything in my area is super green now:)
  5. electric

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    I will say the wheel marks when stripping look more even and less wide tank like when using the 18x9.50-8, super tight turning radius, more maneuverable. The draw back is easier to slip the tires on turf.
  6. MOW ED

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    What kind of tail wheel set up are you running?
    This is just a thought but if you run a single tail wheel and you are making turns you are more likely to tear turf up especially if it is a little wet. That single wheel pivots when you turn, that pivot point digs in and tears. You can do better with split tail wheels. They still may have a little tear but the wheels counter rotate as you turn so it tears less. It does take some thought and practice but its do able. Good Luck.
  7. electric

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    I run a single fork with two wheels on it.
    At one time I used the split tail wheel kit that track directly behind the main drive tires but lost the legendary walker tight turning ability and dropped the back wheels into flower beds all the time. Plus missed the unique cool looking wheel marks that let you know a walker has been there
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  8. jrs.landscaping

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    We do a K turn especially when it is really dry or really wet.
  9. jetta

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    release your forward speed real slow after a turn, that where we found we were tearing it up

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