Walker vs Exmark

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by johnnyjay, Feb 9, 2001.

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    Walker vs ExMark

    I am planning on buying a new rider mower this spring. I am getting all the information I can between two mowers, Walker and ExMark. I have received replys from some Walker users already. To get more information I am asking the entire forum. I am located South of Atlanta, GA. Most residential yards are Bermuda Sod in Front and Fescue in the back yard. Also, leaves are left during Winter and dealt with in Spring Clean up.

    I want to buy the mower that will make me the most money in return. I am a solo operator and therefore want to cut out as much weeding and trimming as possible.

    What are your opinions on the right size mower, collection bagger size, engine size that will be most productive for aveage ½ acre yards. Most yards are not the upscale class. I have the Exmark 36” Metro HP WB with mulching kit. Last summer I mulched only. I am keeping this machine to sweat the small stuff.

    Considerations are:
    Walker 42” GHS 10 Bu Hopper vs Exmark 44” Lazer Z HP with UltraVac Commercial Collection System 8 bushels.
    Walker 48” GHS 10 Bu Hopper vs Exmark 48” or 52 “ Lazer Z HP with Ultra Vac Commercial Collection System 8 bushels.
    With the Walker, would you recommend purchasing an optional mulcher or side discharge deck or deflector to blow out the back of the hopper.

    Thanks for all opinions.

    Johnny Jones
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    Walker or exmark......Two diffent units all together both would be nice.....i live below you in columbus and walker and exmarks have the brands going right know do a search on both mowers thier are a lot of threads....Ihave a walker and a DC. love them both but the walker would come first then the mid mount.if you have a lot of small to meduim resis..get as wide as you can fit on the yards...get a ghs&
    mulch deck.get the kubota gas or deisel....leave the side discharge for your mid mount when you get it...

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  3. 65hoss

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    I looked at both, and chose the exmark 52" HP with ultra vac. I have taken a lawn from a walker guy already. The homeowner loved the cut mine did over the walker. As I get bigger and have more leaf jobs and clean ups I may find a used walker for the collection system. The ultra vac works great, but if you were going to bag 100% of the time you would probably want the walker. I will only be using the ultra vac for leaves. The mulch kit will be going on for the summer.
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    since you already have a walk behind to fit in the small spots, id consider going to a 52 inch or even a 60 inch mower. i just purchased my first exmark 60 inch rider, and most of the people i questioned about size told me if you have the walk behind for the small spots go big as possible
  5. Fantasy Lawns

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    the Walker is going to be slower than the Exmark rider but will fit on more smaller or tight areas and is not so big looking to scare customers .....the rider will kick butt of larger areas with a 60' deck

    but if you need to get the one which is more able to adapt it's the Walker

    I have both .... had the Walkers for years before getting the larger rider last spring ....which does the work of 2 Walkers on larger acre lots ....so you have be real on your needs & get what you'll use the most

    one last thing is that the Walker is more high maintence and finding a local mech may be hard

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  6. Tony Weston

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    If you want to be able to be the best in the market and allow no one else to compete with you (except another Exmark operator) you had better choose Exmark. The cut and durability is everything you can expect it to be! I run twelve Exmarks and my crew cuts 190 accounts with the average one being three man hours. We average around 750 hours per year on each unit. I have used many, many kinds of other mowers including Walker and I wouldn't even consider anything else.
    Take it from someone who knows!
    Tony Weston
  7. Mowman

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    You said you work alone,correct? If you want to cut down on using a 21" trim mower you should get the Walker. Walker with the deck out front you can get it in where the Exmark Mid-Mount WILL NOT GO. Last year I was where you are now. I tried the Lazer HP Mid-Mount and could not trim as close with it as you can with the Walker. YES, I bought the Walker with a sidedischarge deck. It work fine. With a set of Gators on they make DUST of leaves. HA!!!!! no bagging. Try out both then make your decision.
    Good Luck,
  8. Vibe Ray

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    The only thing that I know of that the Walkers have over the Lazer's is a better bagging system. Am I right, guys???
  9. tlcgrounds

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    Let me ask you this. Bermuda yards don't usually have a lot of trees or obstacles right. Then the lazer is what you want.You won't need the out front deck because their is little need to get underneath things. Besides when you are talking about trimming time you really are talking about seconds instead of minutes. I fly through Bermuda lawns with ease. How short and how often do you mow thses lawns. Do golf coarses "bag" their bermuda fairways. I put 60"s on my bermudas and under heavy growth I mow once and then lower the deck 1/4 and cross cut. Can't tell, neither can our clients and they have had thier lawns bagged for years.
    The time it takes with a walker to mow and catch, empty the baggers and then dump the truck you could mow each lawn three times with a lazer. I know that some customers will insist on bagging but the bottom line is getting the job done faster. Trimming is the least thing I take into cosideration when mowing. Your going to have to trimm around things anyways. So what if your trimming time is cut in half. So what if it takes 5 minutes instead of 7 Who cares!!! Mowing time is the most important because it takes the longest.
  10. landscaper3

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    Our company runs Walker mowers, three to be exact, ranging from a 2001 26 EFI to 2 25hp with 9.5 bushel baggers, tilt up decks, light kits, tail locks, speed up kits and more. We run the heck out of these machines and fall cleanups are awsome with Wakers. Walkers give as good if not one of the best cuts out there (we run Toro, Exmark and Walker-Sold the Exmarks and went back to Toro.) These are some of the most durable machines out there they even work in our winter snowblowing 20 below zero and 12" of snow. Walker also is more compact and the mower is part of the bagging system not like the others that are added on the machines and have the BIG GOMMY intake hose and a seperate motor to run (Why do they need another motor to run that MMMMM!) As owner of all three look to what your company's needs are if speed is a factor go with the Toro or Exmark, if a manicured look and spring and fall cleanups and snow removal is you preferance Walker is the way to go. (but being in Georgia you wont have much need for the snow blower LOL!!!

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