Walker vs. Lazer, and the winner is....

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fordlawn, Nov 5, 2000.

  1. fordlawn

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    After 3 months of deliberation,research,demo's and all the helpful insight provided by posters on this board( I really appreciate all your comments on my requests for information), I ordered a 52" LazerHP w/23hp Kawasaki engine,mulch kit and the Ultra Vac last week. I really liked the Walker but the Lazer won out due to the following factors:
    1.)Dealer--the Lazer dealer is only 30 minutes away and
    has had the Lazer line for 12 years. The Walker dealer
    was 2 hours away. Also,the Lazer dealer has a good
    reputation for parts and service and was willing to
    negotiate on the final price(LazerHP-$6924,Ultra Vac-
    $1125 and mulch kit-$159;
    2.)Although the Walker was slightly more manueverable
    than the Lazer,it seemed to me to be less stable on
    steeper slopes,the deck couldn't be raised on the "go"
    ,and didn't like the idea of having to buy and extra
    deck for side discharge(and having to change,carrying
    and store and extra deck);
    3.)I liked the deeper deck on the Lazer and didin't like
    the sheer bolts on the Walker blades;
    4.)the Ultra Vac collection system was awesome. The Walker
    clogged more during the demo's and I wanted to keep the
    collection as simple as possible. I was a leery of the
    oscillating spreader on the Walker.
    The Walker is a good mower but the Lazer won this competition. Again, thanks to all who replied to my questions.
  2. dhicks

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    Sounds like you made the right choice for your situation. Happy Mowing.
  3. PHD

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  4. fordlawn

    fordlawn LawnSite Member
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    PHD......That's the best price I could get from a good dealer. If he repays me with quality and timely service, then i'm not going to complain about my final cost. Anybody can always find an item cheaper somewhere but when you factor in shipping or your pickup costs,it's generally a wash between the lower price in Columbus and the higher price in Bristol,Va. One other thing-when I go to my dealer he knows my name.
  5. DeepDivot

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    Sounds like you went through almost exactly what I'm going through. The one difference is the Walker dealer is only 10 minutes from my house, whereas the Lazer dealer is 45 minutes. The Walker wins on some measures; a 1" versus 1.5" minimum cut height, the ability to trim on both sides of the deck, plus the tilt up deck which should make it easier to change/sharpen blades, plus mow under trees. Several other features seem to favor the Lazer; cutting speed, a better 'non-bagging' machine (and from you account, maybe a better bagger, too), price (even adding the bagger), better on hills, easier cut level adjustment, etc.

    Unfortunately, the minimum height is important to me, since part of my mowing is a zoyzia tee box for a golf driving range. Since 1.5" from one manufacturer is not necessarily the same as for another, a demo may be in order.

    BTW, I think your price is about the same as in my area, (Wichita, KS) maybe even a tad less. While my use won't be commercial, it's still important to have a good dealer.
  6. Cutter1

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    Good choice!!!! I have that same laser with the vac system and I am very happy with it. Good luck!!
  7. 65hoss

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    I just got a new account for next year because the guy that was mowing it uses a walker and I have the exmark. The guy couldn't believe the difference in quality. He told me countless times how much better the exmark cut was over the walker.

    Chalk one up for Exmark!
  8. landscaper3

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    WOW!!!!!!! had a better cut. Having owned Walkers for many years and Toro ZTR I would say there is no cutting difference but they are different in other ways: Our ZTR are faster but only discharge and am not going to buy that big and gommy vac system but I do like the speed and cut. Walkers are a compact outfront mower cuts down on trimming time and superior bagging but lack the speed of the ZTR and with the tail locks and all terrain tires I will climb any hill that our ZTR will climb. They each have there strengths and weekness but for some locations like up here you cannot mow at speeds over 7mph, but with the 72"deck on the ZTR next year those offical size ball fields will take almost no time. Just though I would defend both for we have owned both. But my favorite has to be our new 26EFI Walker but still cant let the ZTR go.
  9. 65hoss

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    I will agree that the walker is the best at grass and leaf handling. But the cut quality is not as good.
  10. MJB

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    I use Walker and Exmark Lazer Z. The Exmark will go straight up where the Walker will spin out. The cut on level ground is better with the Exmark, but for small hills,
    humps, and small lawns the Walker is a great machine.

    I have to say it totally depends on your situation. For me I have to carry both on my trailer. That way I can do the small sections with 1 and the acreage with the Lazer.

    Make sure you try out the Lazer mulching kit. You may never bag leaves again.

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