walker vs navagator vs grasshopper

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grass catcher, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. grass catcher

    grass catcher LawnSite Member
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    looking at getting a new mower next year am impessed with the cut quality I se from walker on yards by my competiters
    I am a small lco with 40 accounts all residential current setup
    1 jd 717 w/bagger
    1 gravely 36 in hydro w/mulch kit
    2 recycler toro pro line com
    1 toro pro line dedicated bagger
    looking to get amower that will float well and not tear up
    small yards the jd does well on lg flat areas but does not float well and scalps a lot the walk bhd is 36 in fixed deck
    does ok but it is heavy . having prob with rutting walker
    sauys they are my answer but price is excessive any ideas

    MCFISH LawnSite Member
    from iowa
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    Sounds like a Walker with a 42 inch deck would work nice for you.Being you said you do small yards. If you don't go bigger then a 42 " deck the machines are a lot cheaper. Don't let the competition out shine you get the right equipment and get top dollar for your work. Walker is one of the finest finish mowers out there. You still can used the the JD for larger rough cut work.
    I took over a job after another lawn care provider got fired and after the first cut with the Walker the home owner came out and said WOW this is the best this yard has ever looked. I cut the second time on a diagonal, home owner comes out and says I really like it cut that way, the other guys never did that. It's the little things that will separate you from the competition.
  3. Turf Dawg

    Turf Dawg LawnSite Gold Member
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    You could buy mine and save some of that excessive price :laugh::laugh:
  4. grass catcher

    grass catcher LawnSite Member
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    mc fish the pic of your boat makes yard work low priority
    time for fishing

    MCFISH LawnSite Member
    from iowa
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    That's my winter job, I'm the Captain of that boat for the sailfish season in Florida. Hey somebody has to do it.
  6. grass catcher

    grass catcher LawnSite Member
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    I love sail fishin my hand sails into the ice chest and catches an ice
    beer lol

    MCFISH LawnSite Member
    from iowa
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    Not to Hi jack this thread Grass Catcher, but it sounds like you have the makings of a man that could makes his living off the sea, but most of us drink Rum LOL. Chears:drinkup:
  8. TuffWork

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    I have a walker 36. It cuts great and fits in almost all gates. It does scalp occasionally when going up a bump, however.

    Here's the scoop on Walker vs. Navigator. Walker is lighter and easier to handle, but not near as efficient on wide open areas. Navigator has WAY better suction, but it is about 200lbs heavier and can cause ruts.

    If you do mostly residential I would go with Walker. IMO buying used isn't a bad idea either if you can find one. They are expensive but not near as bad when you let someone else take the depreciation hicky.
  9. TheUfan

    TheUfan LawnSite Member
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    I have a walker 42" for sale on here that would suit your needs and be about half the price of a new one. Let me know, I'm not that far from you.
  10. Ericfischer100

    Ericfischer100 LawnSite Member
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    I switched to a walker after 1.5 years of starting my business. Mostly residential. The cut was "way" better and the customers did notice.
    I started with an old 1998 Walker Mower then upgraded to a brand new one about 6 months later. The only bad thing I can say is that the deck is a little to light weight in that you can bend the sides easily, where as I'm pretty sure the Navagator would be a tank.... If you are doing everything yourself, without the careless employees it may not be a concern, my guy kept bending mine!!! UGGG

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