walker vs. scag cougar

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by B&B LAWN, Jul 31, 2004.

  1. B&B LAWN

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    which one of these mowers would you recommend? im wanting to make a purchase in a couple of weeks and need to know some pros and cons. i need a bagging mower to help me out during fall and winter. i do 99% residential lawns.
  2. Itsgottobegreen

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    Walker I wish I had one for my own lawn.

    The scag is a joke. The local college has one and they hate it.
  3. green acres lawns

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    I have a walker, very good mower for nice lawns. I demoed a scag couger. I thought it was well built, and comfortable to ride, but too heavy. Not as nimble as the walker and harder to mow straight lines. Slow to change directions in tight places and scalps on rolling terrain. The deck doesn't float like the walker and is very heavy to tilt up. The couger I demoed had the 27 hp water cooled kawi and the radiator collected a lot of dry debris. On the plus side though, it looked like it would last for many thousand hours, and was priced at $6900.00 with 13 hours on it. It did a good job of picking up clippings and the 10 bushel catcher let me finish 1/4 acre lawns with out stopping to dump, which was nice. But what really kept me from buying it was the fact that it's not in the 2004 sales literature. Could be its being discontinued due to slow sales.
  4. mpblass

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    Before I bought my Walker I wanted to demo the Cougar. The closest dealer said that it was discontinued do to slow sales. So I bought the Walker. I picked it up used and have had good luck with it so far.
  5. grass-scapes

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    I had the same conversation with a dealer....Scag cougar was being discontinued. It was cheaper than the walker, and had a 3 way deck, but much taller and heavier. Went with the walker instead. I started out 100 percent residential, but now am 50-50 res/commercial. Wish I had a faster Walker. Want the 62 inch SD deck, but alas, I only bought the 18 horse...
    Buy the largest engine you can afford, trust me on that one.
  6. CSRA Landscaping

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  7. ed2hess

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    We bought one of the first Scag Cougars and it is now about 5 years old. I like the idea of one deck for both mulching and bagging. The quality of Walker mowing is better but in a head to head test we didn't see significant difference. I like the bigger catch bin on Cougar and faster speed that is useful when you go to dump. The cost of Walker was big factor. I think the long term maintenance and repair cost of Cougar might be a little less than Walker. I do like the idea on Walker that you can have different sizes of decks.... Next year we are going to look at using the New SCAG machines with their new mulching deck and see if we can stop bagging.
  8. CSRA Landscaping

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    Ed ... I'm pretty sure there have been some changes in the last 5 years. :)
  9. Walker in Colorado

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    IMG_7410.JPG IMG_7844.JPG Very Similar looking machines, but Scag doesn't produce their's anymore

    Walker is BETTER anyway

    Scag is still a good company, though
  10. Walker in Colorado

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    IMG_7784.jpg IMG_7845.JPG Both have side discahge and mulching as well

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