Walker Website?


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Central, IA
I was wondernig what the walker website was. Thanks

Acute Cut

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Bellingham WA
first time ever seeing a walker. Interesting. Just curious: What do yall think of the dirction control and seperate speed control on the walker, vs the Exmark or scag version which is all done in one?

Acute Cut

Kent Lawns

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The "cruise control" is neat, but it makes no real-world difference.

The Walker uses 2 transmissions, not the dual-hydro system everybody else uses - that allows them them to have the "cruise-control" option, I just wish they'd make them go faster!


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Columbus Ga
walker has a pulley upgrade kit that will speed up the ground speed i think by 2miles per hour.

JJ Lawn

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Originally posted by BUSHMASTER
walker has a pulley upgrade kit that will speed up the ground speed i think by 2miles per hour.
I put the speed pulley on my Walker, there is a noticeable difference. Finish some yards faster.



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Ontario, Canada
I have the speed up kit on my Walker, it is just a bigger pulley than stock size. Then I went to TSC and matched up the next size pulley and put it on, the thing went fast but I took it back off because I felt I couldn't use that much speed anyway when bagging it would plug up too much because I would drive too fast. It made it difficult to drive at slow speeds with the extra big pulley on it. It sure was nice when the bin was full to fly back to the trailer to dump though.


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N.E. Wisconsin
I have the speed up pulley on my 26EFI Walker and it makes it go much faster. I think its even quicker than when it was on the 25hp.
Yes it does take some skill to operate the mower with it on because it will be response is VERY fast with the pulley upgrade but you can get used to it.
In perfect conditions with the speed up kit I can bag or rear discharge at top speed (about 8 mph). You can come out and watch if you dont believe me.
If the grass is very thick you obviously cant go that fast, the only guy who can is Eric , but then he isn't baggin either.
I'd say give it a try. Its only 15 bucks for the pulley and its easy to change (2 sat screws) Good Luck.


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Central Florida
Hey Mow Ed, you guys must have easier to cut grass up there. My Walker has the stock pulley. I don't mow at full ground speed and I still have to double cut most of my work to make it look rite. I'd like to see the finished product of some of this 8mph mowing.
I've seen some of the lawns you guys have up north, and must admit,what ever that stuff is,it sure looks nice.


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My 26hp efi also has the speed up pulley on it. It's great.
I love the Walkers steering it's very responsive. I demoed a
couple of Toros with the normal hydro steering and thought
they we too sloppy,slow and unresponsive. I tend to scream
around everywhere as fast as possible. We have different grass types here and mow a lot shorter. (2"-2.5" sometimes
down to 1")