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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by FLMOWER, May 12, 2003.


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    How good are walker mowers. A local LCO friend of mine swears by them and told me I can double my productivity caompared to my 36" w/b. I also heard they are a pain to maintain. Any input would be appreciated.
  2. cblackwe

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    I want to know about the Walkers too.....Worth the $$, I have seen the results and it almost has sold me, but I did hear that they are maintenance intensive. How about hills???? I have some really serious hills and am wondering how a Walker would handle them w/ the 62" side disch. deck and the aggressive terrain tires???? Anyone have one of those???:D
  3. Fantasy Lawns

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    Fore the type of yards ... generally small size with lots of beds or palm, oaks or citrus trees the out front deck is a blessing ..... NOT a super fast ZTR .... BUT is super productive in small detail areas ..... later as you grow than the 60" Lazer with a Walker is perfect combo ... that's what we use

    Sure has lots of grease points .... but the flip up deck makes blade change a breeze ..... ANY mower will be a pain if not given WEEKLY & Monthly attention .... keep it clean .... check the fluids ....change the oil .... etc

    Go to Bill Stewart at Cub Cadet or see Steve at A-1 A Mowers ... both may have used units ( I just bought a used 25 hp for $3k from Bill .... it was Kevins home unit ...... has some hours but also had a new tires, deck, hydros & updated air system)

    The BEST Walker mechanic is down at A1A mowers .... ask for Mark ( I drop mine off each Winter for him to look em over) .... Kevin at Bill's is a good mechanic ... n Bill is a GREAT dealer as well as super close to You .... but Marks been working on em for atleast 10 Years its just way down in Indiatlantic
  4. Green Pastures

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    It's a niche mower though, not for large production areas. But for mid-sized, high visibility, areas where you need a super clean, groomed look you will not beat the Walker.
  5. LakeSide Lawn and Landscape

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    I used to think that GREEN PASTURES was exagerating about the cut of a walker.(That was my on ignorance):dizzy: After seeing the results of a walker mowed lawn I to will add one to the list of toys that I have.If you are going after very high end residential clients I think it is definetly the way to go:D
  6. MOW ED

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    I have owned one for 5 years now and will always have one. For the high end and the precision trimming and cutting it cant be beat. I have a 52 SD that I mow with and a 42GHS that is my money maker in the spring and fall. Its been paid for many times over. I agree that it isn't the fastest but it is versatile and delivers a great cut. Maintenance is not that bad. Greasing takes the longest but even then it isn't more than 10 minutes every other week or so.
    I'm one of Walkers biggest fans. Give one a try, they do a great job.
  7. LB Landscaping

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    Scott & Mow Ed nailed it, they are defiantly worth the price. They do have their place though. They work great for clean-ups . I find the maintenance to be no worse than any other mower. As long as you keep up with the PM there shouldn't't be any major problems. The design makes them real easy to work on.
  8. crazygator

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    How did you guys find getting used to the controls? Easy or hard, especially coming from a mid mount z? And do you find it hard switching back and forth between controls?
  9. Olylawnboy

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    Walker - there is no substitute:)

    from AL
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    Since I stopped bagging Walker's have been relegated to spring & late Fall clean-ups only.

    I almost feel sorry for the LCO's around here running Walker's for cutting & having to deal with all those clippings year round.

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