Walker, Z100 or Lazer HP?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bigdaddyspags, Feb 14, 2003.

  1. bigdaddyspags

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    I am thinking about starting a lawn care business this year in the Portland, ME area. I am currently doing as much research as I can before I lay out some cash for a mower. A lot of lawn care people I have seen, or talked to, in this area seem to like Walker mowers. Does anyone have any advice or Pro’s and Con’s to mention about them? A local dealer gave me a rough estimate of $8700 for a 20hp Model T. Does this sound like a reasonable price? Some other mowers I am considering are the 23hp Exmark Lazer HP and a 23hp Toro Z100 series. What are your opinions on an out-front/fulltime bagger versus a mid-mount machine? Are there benefits worth considering if I have to decide between a Kawi or a Kohler engine?

    Any info is greatly appreciated.
  2. IBGreen

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    The Walker doesn't have to be a full time bagger, you can mulch, side discharge, or you can prop the back of the hopper open and the clippings will blow out the back.
  3. paponte

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    It would depend on your applications. If you are bagging everything, or just sometimes. I run walker mowers. One thing I must say is that the things are made out of glass. I have 48" with Kubota diesels. I like running diesel, I find them more efficient. I demo'd a Scag Cougar last year, I may be looking into one this year.
  4. bigdaddyspags

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    What types of problems have you had? How has the manufacturer treated warranty issues?
  5. paponte

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    They are just fragile machines. Don't get me wrong I love them, but you have to treat them with care. One thing, once you add the speed up kit it eats up belts. I usually go through 3 belts a season. I would also advise blowing out the blower housing at the end of every day. If you are a one man crew, you shouldn't really have any problems. I have guys that run over everything. Replacing the blower assembly is about $1,000.00.
  6. landscaper3

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    (Bigdaddyspags) You are located in our area! We are located in Raymond just beyond Windham, We run Walkers, Z-Masters and Hydro walkbehinds. I hate to give competion an edge but contact me and ill send you to the right dealership who will give you the best service and loner mowers ANYTIME!
    We at time run 3 Walkers which are far from glass!!!! We use them for snowremoval service and are AWSOME tough machines even in 20" of snow!
  7. Mowingman

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    Walkers are very well built and rugged. I have 700 hrs on mine and just replaced the belts for the first time. Never had a breakdown on it since I got it. paponte, you must have some hired help that is abusing your machines if your Walker is breaking down a lot.:)
  8. Won't have to worry about that with Exmark they are made out a steel. Strong steel.
  9. paponte

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    Mowingman, do you have the speed up pulley on your machines? Ever since I put them on mine they just chew up belts. Even the dealer said it was normal. As far as crews beating on machines, don't they all? I just find when running crew machines you have to keep up on the walkers more frequently.
  10. Depends on how you teach your crews to use the machines.

    Since I switched to hispanic labor my dumb *** mistake repair bills almost disapered.

    The maint. improved.

    "These machines are the tools that make the money to pay your bills, treat them with respect, and they will continue to pay your bills and I will be able to give raises."

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