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  1. mownman

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    Just wondering if anyone out there has seen or used the new walker 74" side discharge deck? I'm considering trading my excel hustler 3400 w/ 72" sd in on a 26efi walker with this deck to complement the other walkers i have. I figure parts interchangeability and overall size of the machine would be a plus.:blob2:
  2. I have seen the deck at the EXPO in KY.

    It has 4 blade spindles. Should give a much better cut than 3.

    I don't know if the offer enough horse power to run it. 26-27 whatever doesn't seem like enough.

    I had a 72" with 31hp diesel and thought it could use more. Same Eaton trannies.
  3. captdevo

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    Yes i have.

    they were built for use on ball field type grounds only, your dealer will probably tell you the same.

    they are very well built, and the von ruden gear boxes are second to none.
  4. visions landscape

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    Yes I own one just got it th e end of feb. I have just played around with it I really think its going to be great

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