Walkers and hills?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by apples017, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. apples017

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    SO whats the go with walkers and hills.

    I have only used a Rover Rancher 13hp hydro, and a Yardman MTD 12.5hp. And they go up hills no worries. Will the walker struggle?

    If so why?

    Not enough power, traction.
    I heard someone mention broken shear pins before as well, what the go there. Shear pins for what?

  2. dave k

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    With my case here in Atlanta, its not so much going up and down hills but going across the lawns that I get slippage on one wheel and than it wants to turn around and go in the opposite direction, not sure if you can understand this, but Walker owners know what I mean, It helps with lower air pressure to avoid what I just said, the problem is I believe the weight behind the drive wheels if you use the GHS, you just can't beat a Z for hills.
  3. pclawncare

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    Shear pins go in the drive line and on the blades since it is a solid gear drive to the blades the shear pins provide the weak point that will break when you hit an object in the grass that is hard metal or a chunk of wood basicly protects different parts so it doesnt damage your pto gear box or other things. Most z's are belt drive which the belt can give and stretch or slip of you hit a solid object there fore you dont need shear pins on them.
  4. Jason Rose

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    Depends on the hills and what's on them somewhat too. If it's dry or wet. The low profile tires DO help with hills some. Walkers actually go in reverse up hills just fine, though the back end will come up if it's very steep, but you get used to that and learn how to ride it out. A well skilled walker operater can take one just about anywhere, Iv'e seen them do it and on slopes I would never think could be possible, not with ME in the seat anyway!

    A trick I used in my small 36" walker was I filled the tires about 3/4 full of windshield washer fluid (you can also use RV antifreeze). Added a good bit of weight to the drive tires and it does climb better now. Downfall is there's no way to put stuff like "slime" in them to prevent leaks, though Iv'e not had a problem even after a year.
  5. Galashiels

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    They will climb some steep hills but will go almost anywhere backwards. I have a tailwheel lock that keeps the back wheel straight so can go sideways across some quite steep hills. Without it the back will slide down the hill and very hard to control, especially with a full catcher, bit like a ZTR going down a hill. Takes a lot to get a walker stuck. Add all terrain tyres and they are unstopable.
  6. tomo

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    hello, walker has an under designed hydro system ,yes they will cope well with hills etc to a point . Mainly hills will show up any weak points etc The belt drive system only looses its performance slowly -but u will be amazed after a bunch load of parts have been replaced how much response/speed u lost .
    As it sounds like u r about to purchase a unit be carefull, an abused walker is very expensive to fix .


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