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    I am looking at a 2001 Walker MT. It has the 25 hp kohler. The Dealer i am buying it from (Emmett equipment) is the main distributor in Ohio. They take used Walkers that they get on trade and thourougherly go over them. The one I'm looking at has a brand new motor installed by the dealer and everything was inspected.
    Do you think this would be a reasonable investment. They are asking $6250 for it but im going to try and talk them down. The person I spaoke to about it was the owner Mr. Emmett. Also, please give your comments about this model. thanks
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    I have a 2001 MT-20. Bought as a demo w 15hrs.7700 If he is on a new engine

    check the blower also. How many hrs? Genegls on LS good expert on Walkers. $6250, Try for a demo w low hrs.Might cost more but there have been changes since 01. Might cost less in long run. Ed
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    What is your reasoning? IMO it is slow, the daily maintence just greasing the thing is time consuming and it is a tail dragger...which means it is proned to slip on hillsides...think about it....

    Why not spend that money on a good ztr?

    That machine has a lot of moving parts that are expensive and wear out....one guy asked about hours on the blower....

    Get a ZTR and MULCH don't bag... Faster and less expensive in the long run...just my opinion.

    Your productivity in the Summer.....knocking out yards, [fast] will suffer with that machine...

    Just about any good Z will absolutely trounce a Walker in the cutting speed department....at least my hustler will....lol. kenny

    However, I think they do an excellent job in the Fall, sucking up leaves to the hopper....thats the only time I would consider using one. Then again, my Hustler has an excellent bagger attachment that I can remove for the Spring and install my qwikchute... www.qwikchute.com

    The intellegent alternative....catch me if you can....

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