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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by hosejockey2002, Apr 14, 2004.

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    I have a client that wants to replace a 75 foot walkway with something that is easier on his wife's feet. Right now he has 1 1/2" clear crushed rock. His wife has a hard time walking on this surface because of problems with her feet. He was thinking of something like red cinders or lava, but I feel that those would not be any better. Her doctor said she can't walk on concrete because it's too hard, so pavers are out. The options I came up with are artificial turf, which he likes everything about except the cost, real turf which costs less but is difficult to maintain, or a boardwalk. The boardwalk appears to be the easiest option because the walkway is bordered with 4x8 pressure treated lumber set firmly into crushed rock. The boardwalk boards can be screwed directly to the walkway border. I think he is leaning toward this option, but I would appreciate any other ideas you guys might have. Thanks
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    How about just installing a border and using mulch?It's cheap,easy on her feet,and and easy install.Only downside would be she can't go barefoot and she'll have to wipe her feet before entering the house.
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    Nick- we discussed using mulch or bark but my client wants something that won't scatter or allow weeds to grow. Thanks for the input.
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    what bout those rubber tile sthat they sell at home depot.....they use them for gym floors, or garage floors or where ever you want a non slip surface. you could just lay them over concrete.....why doesnt she put some shoes on anyways.


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