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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by fshelton, May 8, 2003.

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    I was asked to give an estimate for 34 brick walkways for a new apartment complex. The walkways average at about 33 - 35 ft in lenth. Each is a straigt shot from the concrete steps off the build to the parking lot. There is currently only sand on the ground and the ground is pretty leveled already. The head landscaper has left the width up to my own discression. I have done a few brick patios and retaining walls, but no walkways yet. And nothing this large of a project.

    Questionl 1:
    Is 2' wide enough for each walkway, or should I make it 3'?

    Question 2:
    How many days should it take me to complete the project giving that I have 5 to 6 workers?

    Question 3:
    I will have to rent most of the equipment, ie. bobcat or small earth mover, compactor. Should I rent 2 cats... one to dig the walkway and another to lay the paving gravel to save time? Or should I just rent one and take more time?

    Question 4:
    I've came up with a draft estimate... of about $23K. Is this too much, not enough...?
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    They should be 4' wide, and your too cheap
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    Two people should be able to walk side by side comfortably... at least 4' ... how did you come up with the 23k ... sounds very low to me.
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    Thanks Paul,
    Thanks Kris,

    If I add 2 more ft then that will at least double my material cost and add more labor. I do see now that I am too cheap. I would hate to underbid myself.

    I need to go back to the drawing board on this one.
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    I think u need to ask for the blue prints that the city has approved. I do not think "the head landscaper has left it up to you" will work when the city checks to see if the pathways are were they are supposed to be, or if they are the right width. Also the blue print will specify if pavers in sand are specified or if they are to be inlaid into concrete. The blue print will also show if their are any steps in the project. As far as pricing, I agree ur prob low, but that is up to you, not us to say. Also check and see if the developer is suppling the brick, or if u area? Some times on large jobs the contractor is not responsible for the brick, just laying them.

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