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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by ccas, Jul 23, 2006.

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    OKay, so again I am a beginner, a teacher at home for the summer in a newly built home. I'm the king of doing it myself projects and kind of learning as I go. I just put in a large patio area with hardpack gravel that turned out pretty nice. I dug out and built some steps leading down to my walk out from my basement. I've even got a pretty good start on the grass throughout most of my yard. Although I did fert burn about 3 sections measuring around 10-20 sq feet a piece (oops) Now my next project is a walkway from my driveway to the front porch. I just measured it off to be approx 60 ft. I want a nice looking path and want to find out a cheap way to do it. The ideal situation would be to have enough money to buy cobblestone pavers and have a pro do it, but that's too much money for me. I could use some slaterock and build it with them. Not sure how much that would cost either. I thought about just pouring concrete and making it that way. I even thought about using blacktop. Gravel is out of the question. Have any of you ever seen the molds that are sold with the quickrete? I am wondering if those will work and when using something like that do you need to dig out a path or can you just start filling the molds right on top of an existing lawn? Thanks for the help. BTW-- I am in New Hampshire and have heard its pretty easy to get slate around here. Not sure how true it is, but would like some help from you pros!
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    If I were to just lay the pavers down without establishing some kind of walkway first the ones on the edges would move apart huh?
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    Wow, where to begin???

    The sackcrete forms look like crap, IMHO. You don't really want those.

    If you want pavers, read up on how to install them here and with whatever information your local supplier has, then put them in yourself. 60 sf isn't that much, and you might have a hard time getting someone out to do it for you anyway. If it's a straight shot, with right angles, you can do it without too much heart/head ache.

    Essentially, you need to excavate enough for 4" of compacted gravel, 1" of sand, and the depth of the paver. That small of an area you should be able to dig it out within a day by hand easily. Like I said, read up on it here and try it yourself. You'll learn a few things along the way. Just make sure you've got the base properly compacted and you'll be fine. Rental yards are wonderful places to get the equipment you might need.

    Yes, laying pavers without doing it right will cause undesireable results.

    Good luck. I'm married to a teacher, so I feel your monetary pain!
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    The actual patio walk is 60 ft. so im looking at 240sf.

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