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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by b landscaping, Mar 30, 2014.

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    I'm not a fan of flex drain tubing (aka "corrugated pipe").

    It clogs with leaves and debris.

    Use schedule 20 or schedule 40 PVC, this way if need be it can snaked out.


    I realize you want this job.

    Realize you're hoping to get it and are excited about the prospect of getting it.

    The thicker base will not do an ounce of good, if there is a water issue. Nope.

    Think about this - if the dwelling's foundation is sinking........so will your wall. A dwelling has a much better foundation than even my walls have.

    First step - identify the water issue. After the water issue is overcome....then let's talk walls.
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    Went and talked to customer today, and Told him before I built the wall we are going to address the water issues. We are regrading the area where water slopes to the wall and add drains to the gutter spouts. This is my 5th wall to install and I say wall as in 18" High on one end and 22 " on the other. 41ft long.
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    I agree with DVS use sch 40 and not corrugated pipe for down spouts. Also when combining multiples for redirection and control be sure to calculate the size of pipe needed. NDS has some great charts to help calculate flow rates for your area.

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