Wall block/pavers in SHORT supply!!!!!


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morristown, nj
Hello,<p>Just wanted to see if anyone else is having a hard time with ordering/locating pavers and wall block recently.<p>For me, it is becoming a MAJOR dilema as of lately, and after talking to other contractors in my area, it seems I am not alone.<p>I buy mainly from local factories, Grinnel and CST (north jersey) and have had to make 10 calls at least and 10 diff't &quot;change of plans' made in the last couple of days. <p>It seems to be almost IMPOSSIBLE to just call in a order these days. I requested ONE pallet of wall stone, and was told I may have to wait 6 weeks! It is causing havoc.<p>For one job, I only needed 1 pallet of holland, 3 pallets of cobble, 1 pallet of wall stone, and half a pallet of cap.<p>What I got for a answer was no wall stone in the color I needed, from any of the suppliers, for almost 3 weeks, no cap What-so-ever (they said they will contact me when they think they may have some........maybe a week, maybe a month) and they have no holland in the color I need, so I have to get spartans (4x8), but those won't be ready for a week either.<p>This is getting ridiculous.<p>And its not just me/or my suppliers. My friend needed 800 wall block and they said up to a month!<p>He also uses Anchor, and same deal! He had to drive 2 hours each way today to pick up one pallet of pavers to finish a job. It so happened it was the only place in the state with what he needed, and when he got there they couldn't find it! Took him almost a day to get ONE pallet.<p>Basically, its the same story for almost every manufacturer out there now. <p>I know it would be helpful to order 2-3 weeks in advance, but thats just not possible. I now am ordering more than I need just to make sure I don't run out! If you don't, and need a few more blocks/pavers, it could be months before you can finish the job.<p>Just seeing how it is else where out there. It is just getting plain ridiculous here.<p>steveair


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The situation isn't great here, but I usually try to insulate myself. I always keep a good relationship with my suppliers, and about once a week, when I'm calling for some other reason, I'll just ask how they're inventory is sitting. If they're getting low on something, I'll check my upcoming projects and just purchase those things that are getting thin. Some suppliers/mfgs will let you substitute a more expensive brick for the one you wanted, because they ran out of the stuff you wanted. But because brick is a large part of what I do, keeping tabs on that is easy, because I'm calling each supplier every few days.<br>


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Northern NJ
In northern NJ another supplier to try would be Pasvalco in Closter.<br>Another would be Johnson & son in Bergenfield.<br>Maybe C Winters in Paramus (i think that's the name). Pasvsalco is great though.<p>Good luck